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  1. Reptile

    Riddick Dark Athena

    anybody got this shit yet
  2. Reptile

    Early Nxe Dash.....

    anyone install that shit ? on ur 360. shits ok, i just like to be ability to play games off the hd since it's usually faster than playing off disc.
  3. Reptile

    Too human

    anybody played this shit ? didnt see a thread it aint too bad but the main story is short
  4. Reptile

    Disturbed's new cd "indestructible"

    i got the le... but i been playin the album it since may lol i give it a 8/10 easy, coming from a fan standpoint. not as good as sickness of course, then again i don't think they'll ever be able to match that one. but it's good enough like all they albums...
  5. Reptile

    Resident Evil 5 Timed Exclusive for 360 ?

    From what I have been told, Microsoft is looking to pay Capcom an undisclosed amount, for timed exclusivity of Resident Evil 5. It is still not known if Capcom has accepted the offer… The information we got, was only that Microsoft has made the offer. If this is going to be announced it will...
  6. Reptile

    Project Origin(F.E.A.R. 2)Screens/Trailers

    coming this fall... ^trailers i'll play it....just like i did the first...and all its expansions lol anyone else ?
  7. Reptile

    Dead Space...Sreens

    coming out this halloween.... could be pretty good... if u want a trailer go to or something
  8. Reptile

    Xbox 360 Credit Card

    The Xbox 360 credit card to the right can be used to purchase goods and services all across the country of India. Along with the curried lamb you'd expect, you can also get 360-related bargains, like discounts on games and peripherals, including 10%-15% off controllers/games and other sweet...
  9. Reptile

    Gamers Sue EA Over 'Madden'

    Disgruntled football videogame fans are suing Electronic Arts over the Madden series' exclusive rights to NFL properties. The class action suit alleges that EA's exclusive deal with the NFL creates unfair trade practices by preventing other companies (specifically Take Two) from using the names...
  10. Reptile

    Star Ocean 4....Announced For 360

    Microsoft and Square Enix are going to bring another Japanese-style RPG to the Xbox 360. It's none other than a brand new addition to the futuristic space opera RPG series, Star Ocean. They're calling this one Star Ocean: The Last Hope (i.e. Star Ocean 4) and are planning to launch the game...
  11. Reptile

    Konami Censoring MGS4 Reviews

    You've probably heard a little bit about the controversy surrounding the release of PS3 stealth actioner Metal Gear Solid 4. Sources say that Konami has asked media outlets not to reveal certain details about the install times and length of cut-scenes in the game, in exchange for review copies...
  12. Reptile

    Resident Evil 5 Trailer shits a few days old but didn't see it on here games fucking savage str8 up.... that bitch better be a good partner she look nice tho
  13. Reptile

    SONY - New 16GB Stick For PSP

    Looking for some exciting new ways to give yet more of your money to Sony? Or just after a bit more storage space for those illegally obtained PSP games? Or do you just always have to have the biggest thing to go in all your things because you're a big show-off? Sony's just revealed a 16GB...
  14. Reptile

    What Happend To C.O.S. ??

    he use to be one of the top fools in my book....especially from sac now i just aint feelin his shit anymore.....i feel his flow has changed from gangster to some medicore half ass of course these beats aint nothin compared to the old siccmade beta classics any yall agree ? or drop...
  15. Reptile

    Survivor Series Results

    - Opening Video - Pyro - Joey Styles welcomes us to the show. (1) ECW Title match: CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz. This match contested under triple threat rules. A fan sitting ringside has a "I paid to see CM Punk" sign. Punk dove from the ring onto his opponents on the arena floor. On...
  16. Reptile

    Foe Loco....?

    is he workin on anything ? whats the word folkz ? haven't heard much since that shit was pretty much classic
  17. Reptile

    John Cena's Partner ? haha

    yall remember that b-ill dude who would come out with cena an rap ? lmfao like a few years ago this was i think it was bull buchanan.....haha dumb ass shit anyone got any video to show this ? loll
  18. Reptile

    DENV @ INDY..........

    colts should take this shit most def... if manning gets in a good rythem then its all over yall thoughts ?
  19. Reptile

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

    as advertised in my sig.....but i wasn't expecting a topic on this forum....since it's always 5 threads dedicated to the latest 3shitty game lol anyway i bought mine last lookin persona game....of course as it's the only one on ps2 i'm wondering has anyone even played or heard of...
  20. Reptile


    where her dope ass been at ? i KNOW i aint seen her announcing shit in a while bitch kinda reminds me of jill kelly.....or somethin haha what yall think