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    LiL Blood x Dj.Fresh - Conversations With The Devil

    LiL Blood x Dj.Fresh - Conversations With The Devil - FEB 10th In Stores This Friday Feb 10th. Hard Copies & Digital.. Its 3rd World & Worlds Freshest Hard Copies Available Here: Lil Blood - DJ Fresh Presents Conversations with the Devil CD...
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    The Tonite Show With Rydah J. Klyde - Feb 10th

    Comes Out Digital & Hard Copies This Friday. Hard Copies Here and Local Record Stores: Rydah J Klyde - DJ Fresh Presents The Tonite Show CD jhtnEsgo_f0
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    I Just Been Working. Comin Soon.

    Been workin on these for a min: I just love my job. LIL B - EP (Now Recording) Freddie Gibbs - EP (Now Recording) LIL Blood - Conversations With The Devil (Complete) Mistah Fab - Tonite Show 3 (Complete) Rydah J Klyde - Tonite Show (Now Recording) Laroo - Tonite Show (Now Recording) Mitchy...
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    Beats & Boomin Systems
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    San Diego / DJFreshDjFreshDjFresh

    Yo this is DjFresh of The Tonite Show from the bay. Just wanna pay my respects and homage to the city of San Diego, 1st time i went there was almost 10 years ago when the hyphy movement was at its height the whole bay area came to san diego to do a big show, 619 showed major love and i been...
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    Attention Rappers : Amateur vs. Professional

    For the past few years I do Rock The Bells and The Paid Dues festival and other big festivals and they always ask me about doing a The Tonite Show nor cal set but they want the artist to perform to the instrumental and not perform to the song. So I'm not tryna offend no one I'm only tryna...
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    I need ideas from y'all ?

    What have yall been really feeling lately music wise ? production wise too ? I get bored of repetition so i want yall ideas. One Thousand Love.
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    Yo Siccness, Check This Shit Out. Dre Got The HeadPhones. Fresh Got The BoomBox. Also i wanna let yall know what i got comin. The Tonite Show With Sir Michael Rocks J-Stalin & The WOrlds Freshest - The Real World 4 Droop E & The WOrlds Freshest - Roxbury (Produced by both of us) The Tonite...
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    Calling All New Producer & Rappers Who Want Beats From Me.

    Yo this is Fresh, im looking for new producers to work with and also too for all you artist looking for production from me hit my email [email protected], Understand i know most of yall are independant im a prolific producer i work by the pound so my beats not gone break yall...
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    HD "FRESH" & DLO "He's Back" Feedback?

    Buss at me. Whats the real
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    Im Open For Any Suggestions

    What it do siccness?! I wanna thank everyone for there support. I been seeing some of your post and feedback and here is the thread if anyone has anything to say to me about projects, feedback, love, hate its all love from me. Thnkx
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    BeedaWeeda&DJFresh"WestUp"Jay Rock, GlassesMalone, 211, Messy Marv, J Stalin, Mitchy

    BeedaWeeda&DJFresh"WestUp"Jay Rock, GlassesMalone, 211, Messy Marv, J Stalin, Mitchy Beeda Weeda & DJ Fresh "West Up" ft Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, 211, Messy Marv, J Stalin, Mitchy Slick, T-Nutty, Scoot Dog, Laroo, Cousin Fik, K-Boy. This song is from the new album from Beeda...
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    Thankx 2 Everyone That Supports Me

    Music is my only source of income. I truly appreciate each and every person who buys my music via cd/digital. Seriously thank u for the support. I say that after reading this article i got from my distributor today . Back to article Cue the Music: Driven by Digital, Music Sales up in 2011...
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    "Make The Song Cry Part 4"

    Another Free Exclusive DJFresh & The Whole Shabang Production..!!!!!
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    Introducing Face The Music Of The Whole Shabang

    This is my nig Face The Music from The Whole Shabang he makin his mark this year. I told em siccness gone alwayz support the real. Someone please repost this link in here for me. thankx The Tonite Show With:Keak Da Sneak Sneakacydal Returns FEB 15th
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    The Tonite Show 2010-11 Leak

    Whats 2 Come For 2011. This Will Be A Free Download And Will Be Available For Purchase On Itunes And In Stores For A Hard Copy. There Will Also Be Some Footage Included Of Some Of The Actual Recording Process As Well. Available Nov.2nd,2010
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    The Tonite Show Trilogy

    I Plan On Doin A 3 Album Tonite Show. The Streets-All Gangsta Street Shit The Classroom-All Backpack Dope Shit The Lounge-All R&B Neo Soul Shit So Far The Features. Andre Nickatina, Tech N9ne, Goapele, J Stalin, Shady Nate, The Grouch & Eligh, Fashawn, Planet Asia, Del & Souls Of Mischief...
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    The Tonite Show With Keak Da Sneak & The Tonite Show With Yukmouth

    The Best??!! I challenge myself at being the best to myself. I love doing music there's far other producers thats raw and they inspired the fuck outta me to do my thang. im honored the listeners say things of this nature about thusfar work but Im not the best im just DjFresh a true workaholic,im...
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    Produce A Project With Who???

    Im Lost Lemme Kno What The People Think. Thnkx
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    J Stalin's PreNump Album 1 Of The Dopest 2 Come Out The Bay In History

    I Listened To It From Top 2 Bottom Shits Official Go Support My Patna In Rhyme