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    Cuzz goes hard af. You can tell Dreda influenced him
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    X-loc still goes hard. Don't know what type of shit some of y'all be on. Summa y'all probably so stucc in life that u can't comprehend others evolving.
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    I can see where you come from when you say his "rap style" but the thing is, that rap style thrives on energy that matches the subject he's rapping about. His life. That's the big difference between him & Lynch. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved Lynch's music, but he mostly raps about...
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    Maybe 'cause he grew from Gangsta (rap) to some mo positive & grown shit. That dark place you wanna feel, he spent almost 3 decades up in there. U want him to stay there mentally? You say he changed his long time rap style, 'N I personally don't like that singin stuff he does, but cuzz raps...
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    Hollow Tip

    Alles cool playa? Waar woon je in NL?
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    NEW VIDEO: Ruff Necc & Crip Face - Don't You Know (ft. P-Locsta)

    What's good Siccness folks?! Here's the new Ruff Necc & Crip Face video called "Don't You Know". This song features "P-Locsta", a name you might recognize from his Underworld Compilation album which features a lotta Sactown artists. "Don't You Know" is the 2nd video off the Neighborhood Watch...
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    *NEW SONG* Ruff Necc & Crip Face ft. Ecay Uno - So Crazy

    ** NEW SONG** Ruff Necc & Crip Face ft. Ecay Uno - So Crazy
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    We're proud to inform you that our new album Neighborhood Watch - The Mixtape *ALBUM EDITION* is OUT NOW!! You can purchase the full album at THE OFFICIAL STORE (we accept paypal) This album contains feature performances by: Ecay Uno • C-Band Da Chemist (a.k.a. Contraband) • O.Y.G...
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    NEW MUSIC VIDEO ONLINE!! Ruff Necc & Crip Face - On The Roll (like a dice)

    u8CoCp6LQec Music video by Ruff Necc & Crip Face performing On The Roll (Like a dice) | Video directed by: Kizo L'art-chiteckt | Recorded at Grigny Glenn Park (France) | © 2011 [ Tha Blocc entertainment | Frontline Records ] This song has been featured on Siccness' The Left Side vol. 2 and...
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    PRE-ORDER | Neighborhood Watch - The Mixtape *Album Edition*

    PRE-ORDER YOUR *ALBUM EDITION* NOW!! ENTER THE OFFICIAL STORE PRICE: • *LIMITED EDITION* HARD COPY - € 10 (+shipping) • DIGITAL VERSION (MP3) € 5 This album edition contains mixtape material + 8 NEW songs! Features by: ECAY UNO • REDRUM 781 • C-BAND DA...