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    Trizz Official Thread

    That shits hard as fuck. Good to hear Lynch rip it
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    C-Mob ft, Shawnna & T-Rock "On Again" official video...

    That shit goes hard yo. I don't know how i feel about Shawnna's flow though, kinda dope flow but sounds like she switched her whole game up. C-Mob and T-Rock killed that shit!
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    the dayton family coming soon

    Can't wait!! Dayton Family has always been one of the best in the game and always comin with that raw shit
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    NEW BLH Video!! Off the 'Coathanga-Strangla' album
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    Twisted Insane comes to Olympia!!

    Twisted Insane comes to Olympia on friday March 18th @ Konkrete Studios! Only $10 at the door..couldn't find an actual flyer for the show but for more info hit Twisted Insane on Tickets are being sold at the door
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    Tech N9ne in Olympia!!!

    Its official! Tech N9ne will be @ The Royal Lounge March 26th in Olympia, WA. Get tickets @
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    Too $hort & The Pack come to Seattle!

    Too $hort and The Pack will be in Seattle on November 22nd @ Studio 7. Doors open at 7:00 pm, all ages...sorry i woulda posted the flyer but my girl seen it on Ticketwest and got em for me...
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    denver rappers?

    Playalitical is hard as fuck and he outa Denver....:siccness:
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    tHIS shit is wack! nothin ever crackin....:dead:
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    Tech in Olympia!!!

    I was at the Tech N9ne concert last night in downtown Olympia at the Capital Theater and that shit was crackin as fuck! It started at 9 and i got there at like 10 or so, Potluck had already came on stage and shit. Cool Nutz was up on stage rockin the shit when i walked in. He spit for like 20...
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    MOB FIGAZ weak in concert

    I just seen them all up in Olympia, WA and i must say that they didnt perform like i thought they would. AP 9 spit "MAC DRE" which is and was sick as fuck but his voice in person aint even as hard as it sounds, it was kind of weak really.It was hella tight but not what i expected from them...
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    Quick ???

    I been thinkin that it would be hella fuckin sick if Lynch and Droop hooked up and did another feature together. Droop was featured on "No Face Killaz" in Critical Thinkin and on "The Book 2" in Gone Blown. That shit would be ill as fuck and if they did dat i think Lynch would spit some evil...
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    E-40 Concert!!!

    E-40 and the Click will be in Tacoma tomorrow on April 8th, i forgot where but tickets available at ticketmaster. Me and some homies are going up in that junt goin be thizzin like a mutherfucker! Keak Da Sneak and errbody gonna be there. Yeeaaahhhhhhh!!!!:siccness:
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    New 3 6 Mafia Video!!!!

    I was scaning through "On Demand' the other day and I came across the new video for 'Poppin My Collar Remix' with Project Pat as the feature. Shit was ill as fuck! The video is well done and tight one at that. Project Pat lookin hella good, kinda like he lost some weight or something, all...
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    Bizzy Bone "The Story" Tracklist

    I heard Bizzy been recordin wit Young Droop. Hopefully he's on that shit! But if not I'm still coppin this one.
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    Thizz in the Northwest???

    A while back i asked if Thizz Nation was comin up here (Washington or Oregon) to do some shows and ya'll said in like february. This shit still on or what?
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    T-Rock is fast but not fast enough. Shit I forgot about Lord Infamous, how could i forget about him. He hella fast and ill as fuck, his style kills all!
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    Quit hatin Jesse James you fuckin idiot. Obviously you don't know shit if that's what you talkin about. Do your homework little one!! Young Droop would kill whoever the fuck you said. Yep Droop, Fury, Twista, T-Nutty and Krazie Bone are about it. Z-Ro pretty good too.
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    ?? 4 Syko

    Just wondering if that compilation "Men of Honor" you were workin on is still in the works and if so, when is it gonna drop, and who's all on it. Are you gonna spit on it? Because that be some sick ass shit!! That verse you spit on "Community Service" 'Quick to get Balsted' is so fuckin heated...
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    Lord Infamous Release Date???

    I know he got locked up for a parole violation when Project Pat got out but, anybody know his release date or and approximate date? an what the violtion actually was?