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    "Excuse Me" from Bloc Bizniz-X's lyrics

    This one of my favorites from Bloc Bizniz. Dope beat, especially like the bass line. One of my favorite X verses off the album. Pure poetry. Have u ever met a woman and new/ instantly she was the one 4 u/ standin right in front of u/ and you're wonder "what am I gonna do?"/ I'm certain that...
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    I think the square won the debate.jmo Tight song.
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    Get well X.

    Sounds like X got hurt pretty bad. Is that true Mrs. Brown? I hope he's doin ok. My best wishes to him and the whole family. Much Love. Free X-Raided...
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    NEW X-RAIDED INTERVIEW,(well sorta) 2/02/09

    Here you go yall. Sorry it took me so long to get it out, but better late than never they say. I wanna give a very sincere THANK YOU to Big X for allowing me to conduct this interview. Hope yall enjoy it. 2-02-09 The Authentic Article® Interview with X-Raided by: Dane "Money" Atwater Q...
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    X-Raided Authentic Article Volume.2 #2

    X-Raided Authentic Article 1/22/09 This article is being posted at the request of X-Raided. Enjoy. Date: January 22, 2009 Anerae “X-Raided” Brown Pleasant Valley State Prison P.O. Box 8501 Coalinga, CA 93210 The Authentic Article First and foremost, congratulations to everyone who...