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    dont know if its been posted jul2u640a4s shit looks off the hook hopefully it doesn't end up like his latest ROCKY movie
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    winamp skins

    is there a mac dre or a type of bay area rap type of skin for winamp cuz ive been looking for one with no luck, i would make one but i dont know how to fuck with all that shit
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    50 capitals in 10 minutes

    heres one thats pretty easy
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    cement brush

    does anyone know where i can find a brush the resembles the cement print on these jordans?
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    phony thizz face

    took inpiration from this thread i just found a funny ass one that i had to share, and please feel free to post pics of a phony thizz face caption from myspace: "at my cuddo'z houze hella fuckin high... THIZZ FACE!!!"
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    psp games shit, i dont understand!!!

    how the fuck do i put psp games onto my memory stick??? i know all of you guys do this, you know u download the .iso file or wutever and u put it on ur memory stick and u can play it on ur psp like if the game was on umd?
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    messy slick coming soon

    does anyone have any info on this?
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    zion i & the grouch ft. mistah fab- hit em -video

    it says November 9, 2006, but the video and the songs new to me so i just though id share
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    The Fderation- Get Naked You Beezie video shoot

    its gonna be shot in LA, thats all the info so far
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    sneaker art

    feel free to post sneakers u customized, photoshop, real life, anything..... templates available HERE for photoshop
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    stressmatic on that new lloyd song

    ya heard the remix by stress of the fed on the Loyd song i think its called "You" he spits two verses, i think its a chuy gomez exclusive cuz he kept mentioning chuy omez in it.... anyone else hear it
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    Sick Wid It 2007:: The Year of The Pig

    from myspace Be on the lookout for the hottest from Sick Wid It in 2007:: E-40--The Ball Street Journal prod. by Lil Jon Rick Rock Kanye West and Droop-E Turf Talk--West Coast Vaccine prod. by Rick Rock and Droop-E Bay Bridges Vol.2 prod. by Droop-E Sick Wid It::The Machine comp. prod. By...
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    myspace names E-40's album one of best albums in 2006

    i dont know if its been posted but yea, i thought it was a good album but i would say one of the best albums of 2006.. others on list are Jay-Z-Kingdom Come, Birdman & Lil Wayne- Like Father Like Son, Beyonce- B Day and 2Pac- Pac's Life, heres the link scroll down to the bottom of the page...
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    thizz nation vol. 10 and vol. 11

    thizz's myspace said there droppin the same day as vol. 9...... lol the cover with johnny cash is like a bape sweater or sumtin
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    since when has sky balla been on thizz ent?

    i never knew this until i checked rapbay and came across this it says on the page its on THIZZ ENT. sounds like a good cd though, i hope thizz dont ruin his career
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    pokemon game

    yall remember playin pokemon red, blue or yellow when ya was younger? i just found pokemon blue version in a box i put from when i was younger, i dont got a gameboy to play with it though, i was just wondering if theres any websites where i can play online? i hella wanna play this game again its...
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    CLH Hoodie question

    in their spider-man hoodie can u see out the eyes when u have it fully zipped up? i know u can with LRG's dead serious hoodie, but i wanna know if this one does the same... does anyone know?
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    new diggs dvd

    looks coo, to bad the bitch next too him looks like a man
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    beeda weeda and j stallin on mtv