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    Pill kingpin, 23 others arrested in oxycodone sting Some wire shit
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    thanks for posting this
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    good looks. i got sirus satalite in car and listen to sway in the morning every morning. and i wasnt able to hear this because had to get on bart.
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    Google - Facts and Figures

    k i dont have anymore
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    What you didn't know about Nintendo

    i like these theres one for korea, google etc..
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    Did somebody forget there suitcase? incase it gets closed or deleted (attachment didnt work too well) img link:
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    controversial moment in a radio interview on valentines day
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    Long Overdue - Dear /S/iccness

    can we not make this forum 4 chan? if we wanted everything relayed from 4chan we would go there. wtf happened when these forums were actually funny? 4 chan is filled with pedo/gay porn racist little nerds. prime example: ya some of the funny shit...
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    Slutty Halloween Facebook Picture Thread

    because we all have friends who are some sluts that go all out on halloween
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    Wanda Sykes is not funny!!!!

    her standup was ok
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    Eclipse AVN726E DoubleDin

    anybody heard any reviews on this? thinking of getting this. but its a pretty penny thoughts? 3d navi looks dope
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    "25 Awesome Homeless Guy Signs"

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    Who on siccness is this?

    in regards to: nVwQwAqKJE4
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    lol can just imagine the conversation. nowonder goldtoes aint trippin. he holdin dude up and not on his knees with his lips puckered. like he about to go eat a nice aaa steak with a1.
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    damn this should be a free props thread. i gave so many props with the replies here already and only on page 3 lol
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    tuff talk eh
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    the sad part is that this is just a $1 EP and not even the full album. at this rate detox will drop before carsons solo