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  1. EnigmaGraphics

    Prop/movie Money

    What up fam? I have a shot coming up soon and I need to make or purchase prop money... The problem is I dont know where to purchase it.. anybody know where to get some or how to make prop/movie money?
  2. EnigmaGraphics

    NEW PICS Female Oil Wrestling

    I've been secretly practicing my photography and I even took a class last spring...I'm shooting with a Nikon D40 w/ a SB-400 & a demb diffuser, so here are some flicks I took at an event I'm promoting & the flyer I designed for the event... here is the flyer for the 1st and...
  3. EnigmaGraphics

    GangLand TV show

    damn I missed that one .... I wonder if they are gonna do one on Latin Counts?
  4. EnigmaGraphics

    Full and Portable Version of Adobe Software What up fam? got some hot shit to share I found a portable version of Photoshop CS3 and have been running from my laptop and I love it so I'm sharing.
  5. EnigmaGraphics

    MIxtape Graphic Designer to Create Hip-Hop Comic Book

    Top mixtape graphic designer Miami Kaos is prepping the release of a new Hip-Hop graphic novel, the former Source Magazine illustrator told today. Due out in early 2009, Hardcore will reprise a comic strip Kaos created nearly ten years ago, at the request of controversial radio...
  6. EnigmaGraphics

    photo shoot turns deadly,graphic designer killed

    A Spokane, Washington man who accidentally shot and killed a graphic artist at a rap album photo shoot was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday (March 8). According to Washington's KXLY ABC 4 TV, Kevin Culp along with three other men, were leaving the St. Joseph's cemetery, in Spokane...
  7. EnigmaGraphics

    Stock Art CD

    What up ya'll I'm in need of some shots of cali & I was wondering if any of the photographers on the board would be willing to sale me a zip full of shots...mainly I need Oakland, San Fran and your price and let me know whats really good..
  8. EnigmaGraphics

    The Real Fight Club

    These clips are of cats gettin' it on ***WARNING: SOMEBODY GOT SHOT ON THIS ONE*** ***WARNING: SOMEBODY GOT SHOT ON THIS ONE TOO*** NBA gettin' Gangsta...
  9. EnigmaGraphics

    Screen Printing

    Whats up Fam, Anybody know of a screen printer that does 3x & up tees gotta shirt order for some cats and they want big tees printed in full color but not heat pressed... holla @ cha boy
  10. EnigmaGraphics

    Looking for a Silk Screen T-Shirt Printer

    Whats good Fam? I am looking for a printer that does silk screening for T's...Anybody have know where I can find a good one?
  11. EnigmaGraphics

    Blacks & Whites in the Midwest = Widest Gap of Any Two Racial Groups in the US

    how when they are the comsumer base... statiscally whites are the largest comsumer of urban culture
  12. EnigmaGraphics

    Blacks & Whites in the Midwest = Widest Gap of Any Two Racial Groups in the US

    Okay when are Italians going to apologize for killing Christ? shit when are the liberal and conservative bitches in america going to apologize to afrikan americans for 200 yrs of slavery and using a then throwing out "illegal aliens" that pick all the fucking produce never happen... no one here...
  13. EnigmaGraphics

    Blacks & Whites in the Midwest = Widest Gap of Any Two Racial Groups in the US

    The true is white folks are dismissive to anything they don't understand or relate to. we can argue about this shit over and over again and won't shit change unless we all have had enough
  14. EnigmaGraphics

    shitty cent to sign 2-ac? --- get the fuck outta here

    According to an article over at, 50 is in the process of trying to convince Afeni to let him produce the next Tupac album and release it as a joint venture between Amaru and G-Unit Records. He says that he's not happy with the way previous posthumous Tupac records have been...
  15. EnigmaGraphics

    Blacks & Whites in the Midwest = Widest Gap of Any Two Racial Groups in the US

    not saying better just wayyyyy different... The truth is we all have some racisms, blacks and white are the worst and the deep seeded anger because whites are very dismissive of the facts of how we where and in some ways we are still treated. I'm not gonna get into the affirmative action convo...
  16. EnigmaGraphics

    Midwest Myspace Pages...
  17. EnigmaGraphics

    LRG T-Shirt Contest what up fam? Got this from LRG on myspace... Design a skateboarders Tshirt
  18. EnigmaGraphics

    Blacks & Whites in the Midwest = Widest Gap of Any Two Racial Groups in the US

    man u trippin' Native American's have it way better then Blacks for simple reasons AmeriKKKa gave the them sovereign land, a national apology as well as being native american or having family on that side your tuition for college is paid in full and countless other things. Being Black what do we...
  19. EnigmaGraphics


    Thats some hoe ass shit to say about the city I bet you from warren or dearborn? some of the statement you maid are true we are getting fucked cats are broke and helpless...just like any other urban city...bizarre's wife didn't get shot he don't even live here anymore he stay is Detroit pt. 2...
  20. EnigmaGraphics


    Biz doesn't even stay here he moved to Atlanta right after there 1st album