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  1. daprescription


    Can't wait for good music. I'm sure most won't enjoy because it's not a certain type of Rap, but a variety in my music catalog is always needed.
  2. daprescription

    Website For Release Dates?

    Is there a website that has a list of Northern California release dates? Interested to hear some stuff that I may not have heard before, but I don't know release dates and don't want to go to Rasputin every Tuesday.
  3. daprescription

    Clyde Carson Thread

    01. Intro 02. No Sleep [prod. Shonuff] 03. Bring Em Out [prod. DJ Mustard] 04. Mile Away (ft. Master P) [prod. Shonuff] 05. Do That Ho (ft. D-Lo) [prod. Shonuff] 06. Back It Up (ft. August Alsina) [prod. DJ Mustard] 07. Pour Up [prod. Shonuff] 08. Not Me [prod. Dez Dynamic] 09. Stop Hustlin...
  4. daprescription

    Clyde Carson - S.T.S.A. (Something To Speak About) datpiff exclusive 11/20 at Noon

    Clyde Carson - S.T.S.A. (Something To Speak About) // Free Mixtape @
  5. daprescription

    Ya Boy – Trappy Birthday (Mixtape)

    Not really a fan, but I'm sure some will appreciate the music..
  6. daprescription

    Clyde Carson (Feat. The Team) - Slow Down

    I'm sure somebody had to post this, but I don't see it so here goes: \LyOPUj9_DGk
  7. daprescription


    I guess they're trying to make this a Clyde Carson song now, either way, this can't hurt to have Bow Wow on the track. Any exposure is a good look.
  8. daprescription


    Continues to release quality music, constantly. He was always my favorite from this region, but he wasn't really releasing music before. Now, no contest.
  9. daprescription

    Team - Hell of a Night EP
  10. daprescription

    Clyde Carson Thread

    I thought the song was alright when I first listened. After actually listening to the lyrics, it's nothing spectacular, but at least he stays with the same subject. A lot of rappers say a whole lot of nothing. Clyde Carson's album was one of the last albums I actually bought, and I'll...
  11. daprescription

    Clyde Carson - Get off (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  12. daprescription

    Clyde Carson Thread

    Clyde Carson x Wyclef - Where Doves Fly
  13. daprescription

    J.Valentine "LEGGO" Still can't figure out how to embed after they screwed it up by changing this board, but not really feeling this song... a video is supposed to be on the way directed by TAJ.
  14. daprescription

    "Mistah F.A.B. Gets 'Gangsta' With DJ Drama; Talks New LP"

    Can't say dude isn't making moves. Hopefully this builds a nice buzz before the album drops.
  15. daprescription

    Erk Tha Jerk - Right Here Tha EP

    Is it any good? Just trying to figure out if I want to buy it or not...
  16. daprescription

    Clyde Carson Thread

    He needs a radio friendly single that can get play and doesn't suck. If he released right now, he wouldn't sell more than 2k records.