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  1. 6sicx6


    This was a good solid album X just needs to stay away from remaking songs that he’s done already cuz that chicken head song was trash other then that the album was solid.
  2. 6sicx6


    Wow a bunch of bitches LOKI can spit with the best of them he don’t need to rap no more some people grow out of the shit
  3. 6sicx6


    What is the bonus track
  4. 6sicx6

    All Sicx Songs

    I agree and that was my point SICX was the one that came hard on that siccness you can hear it even on his early features like HOES BE SCHEMING TOO. I don’t agree with what he did no way no how but I cannot deny that he was the most talented one out of SAC
  5. 6sicx6

    All Sicx Songs

    I completely understand that and I even said that in my post but you are correct
  6. 6sicx6

    All Sicx Songs

    Are you kidding me.... the only reason sicx is not mentioned in the same voice as X is because of what he did, other then that look back to when they first started out rapping X had rhymes while sicx had that siccness all over his lyrics, you must have never listened to ruff and rugged...
  7. 6sicx6

    All Sicx Songs

    Not saying he isn’t but if you go bar for bar before sicx got locked up there is no comparison SICX takes the cake
  8. 6sicx6

    All Sicx Songs

    Sicx was hands down the dopest artist out of SAC there is no disputing that claim when it comes to his music
  9. 6sicx6


    Idk correct me If I'm wrong but Fuck been a lynch fan for a minute but I honestly enjoyed big scoob DAMN FOOl album way better then LYNCHs album way better that damn fool is sick through n through I skipped with lynch idk wat yall think :siccness:
  10. 6sicx6


    My apologies people but I think luni is garbage I can't stand the yelling and the voice thing sounds Wack haven't heard anything sick since his lunasicc days and that's on the real
  11. 6sicx6

    New Esham Video Gumball 3000

    i dont know wat u guys r talkin bout that song was dope
  12. 6sicx6


  13. 6sicx6


    I just wanna know if any1 can tell me when that new esham drops
  14. 6sicx6


    Ah shit lol my bad i didn't really listen to it then got to rite now its a dope track though thanx for the clear up
  15. 6sicx6


    Just got done listening to that song perspective does any1 know who he was talkin bout on that shit cuz it was pretty hard diss if he's talkin bout sum real ppl just wondering
  16. 6sicx6


    i know this came up b4 but all i wanted to know was wat album this T_nutty song came on YOU AINT FUCKIN WIT ME diss to GMACC this diss is real raw
  17. 6sicx6


    Also I didn't know that esham was a dust head that's krazy to know
  18. 6sicx6


    Yeah ESHAM gasses on that song man but were can I get sum esham and NATAS albums at were I'm from its real rare to find anything from them
  19. 6sicx6


    Man I was just wondering if any1 can upload that skatterman cd been. Wanting that shit if u can
  20. 6sicx6

    DOOMSDAY show in the phx

    Went to the hounds of the undergrounds last night and doomsday ripped the shit up here in phx me n my boy were drinking with PIT n taking shots n kicking it with the whole fuckin crew n man that other dude TWISTED INSANE is the shit he raps hella fast got videos n pics but I gotta figure out how...