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  1. Hihlosis


    Good shit Semi, I'll be on the look out at Fetus next time I'm there.
  2. Hihlosis

    Latina Pics....(NSFW)

    Alexa Loren, one of my fav's
  3. Hihlosis

    New C-Mob album available now!!!

    Best Buy in Minneapolis on the list? If not shoot me a pm and I'll get your mailing address and cop one.
  4. Hihlosis

    Who is the most legendary rapper from the Midwest?

    MC Breed, no doubt.
  5. Hihlosis


    I'll be checking in on this.
  6. Hihlosis

    Husalah and Yuk Track?

    I got a song off the Stay Silent Mixtape with Hus and Yuk dissing some folks. Who are they going at?
  7. Hihlosis


    Good shit Cash, still bumping that CD you sent me.
  8. Hihlosis

    MC Eiht Presents Crazie Locs: Trying 2 Make It In These Streets

    Inrto Freestyle Bacc on theese streests (Mark D) Livinglife off Weed (Yukmouth) Dont diss a Player (Rappin 4 Tay) Str8 Menances (MC Eiht) Cold World (Young Noble) Lyrical Spitz (Andre Nickatina) Cop Car #2 (MC Eiht) Gotta Make That Cheese (The Game) 408 Mamis Luv in da Club Jiggle Gangsta...
  9. Hihlosis

    *VITAL* Virgin Sign In Sheet!!!!!

    Chree, you better the the first to leave your mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:
  10. Hihlosis

    Calico 101?

    I remember seeing his solo release on here, did anyone pick it up? If so how is it. A tracklist would be much appreciated.
  11. Hihlosis

    NEWSENSE of PSYCHODRAMA, verses $2K or hooks $1000

    I don't think the Dramaward gives a shit about the recession. In all honesty outside of the Midwest alot of people are going to be like Newsense? A little steep if you ask me, but shit get that guap.
  12. Hihlosis

    Want To Take A Trip To Minneapolis

  13. Hihlosis


    Who else is up on this dude. A Somailian co-worker introduced me to his music and I've been bumping it pretty steady. Seems like an intelligent down to earth mc. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  14. Hihlosis

    Want To Take A Trip To Minneapolis

    Yeah summer would be the time to come, winter is harsh here. As far as promoting I can hook you up with some of the local record stores info. The lab will be up and running here shortly again, I'm getting ready to record about 8 songs I've got written. I'm not up in the big leagues yet homie...
  15. Hihlosis

    Minneapolis Sign In...

    Post it up if you're in the Twin Cities and wanna connect. My guy's studio is down right now and focusing on writing, Dirty Nappy we still need to connect homie.
  16. Hihlosis

    Mo Thugs signs K-Fed, will feature on "Change will come" remix

    Hmmm, should be interesting. SYKE!
  17. Hihlosis

    Evil Eye Sour Apple 40's!

    Who's tried these? They got them at the local LQ here and for $2.99, you can't go wrong. Two of these and your feeling niceeeeee. They also got a Kiwi Strawberry flavor but they're not as good as the Sour Apple. These GO!
  18. Hihlosis


    I know this is more BlocStar related but what's up with some new music homie? I still got that 21 Gun Salute staedy in the rotation, which is classic status. One of the most underrated rapper IMO!
  19. Hihlosis

    MC Breed passes away.

    R.I.P. Breed.
  20. Hihlosis