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    I have their self tightled album, very good stuff.
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    New Lacuna Coil :)

    I picked it up a little bit ago. I listened to the first song all the way thru (good opener). I quickly scanned thru the rest, just because I was on lunch, I'll give it a more thorough listen after work. Though I definitely like what I've heard so far.
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    Guilty pleasures???

    Yep! It's a damn good cover! I can't really say I have any that I'm ashamed to listen to. I always tell people that I listen to all different types of music. I don't care what it is, if I like it, I like it.
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    The New Metallica

    Yeah, the last time I listened to it was when I went and saw them back in the beginning of November, right after the cd came out. I wasn't really into it. But the other day I threw it in and I was surprised that it was really starting to grow on me.
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    Whens the new Do or Die come out?

    Last I heard Traxster is holding it back until he's finished working on Twista's new album.
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    MC Breed passes away.

    RIP Breed
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    CD's For Sale (95% N. Cali.)

    All cd's are going for 5 bucks a pop. This sale will end Thursday afternoon. I'll except cash, check, or money order. You can contact me at, [email protected] with your shipping info and I'll give you mine. If your paying by check or m.o., I'll email you who to make it out to. Shipments...
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    ? bout intro on Don't Cross Me...

    As everyone knows on the intro there's snippets from song on it, I wanted to know what song is this snippet from, in it(I think it's JT but I could be wrong) it say's "and I'm the one time danksta", it's bout a min and a half in the intro.
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    Happy New Years to my KVE folks...

    Beno, Bigg Robb Happy New Years, can't wait for more KVE heat in the 2-double 0-3.
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    Happy B-Day to Soak Game.

    Have a good one partna.
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    Need A-Wax cd's

    I woulda put this in Trades And Deals but I don't think Wax or any of his affiliates check that board out. But I need Savage Timez, 65 G'z and Who Got It, whats the price?
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    Well I just copped The Plague...

    Yeah yeah I know I should'a had it already. This cd is knockin, once again Cin Sity does not fail to dissapoint. Also whats the word about the dvd, is it gonna be out anytime soon?
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    Does anybody remember this website?

    That one website, it was that guy who would throw pics of people from his town on it and he'd clown on em? And people would send pics in and he'd clown on them also? He had pics of retards on it and just clown the piss outta there pictures. I remember his name was in the web address.
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    Baby Stone

    Lil C.S. is he gonna drop a cd? His verse on Sic Wit This is heated, even though it was short and repeated it a couple times, but it was dope.
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    Does Lejo got a cd out?

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    Is there any place to order 57th RDV cd's?

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    Syko mp3 album?

    I didn't know where to ask this, but I always see Syko makin topics on here, so I guess I'll put it up here. Is the mp3 album ready to purchase? Cuz I know on your sig it say's Aug. 25th.
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    ? bout the Absolute Power DVD

    Is this seperate? Or does it come with the cd, or is the cd also the dvd?
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    Damn I didn't know Military Minded was already out.

    I'm lookin through and started scrolling down, and came upon Military Minded-Ghetto Vietnam. Right Way is just droppin cd's left and right.
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    Ay I know you've been callin my house so we can connect, but I'm out of town, well out of the state at this moment and time, I'll be back in Bellingham Sept. 21st. If you come back to Bellingham after that, holler at me, I won't be takin no vacations. Sorry I missed ya partna.