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    Death toll in iraq by military occupational specialty (job)?

    I'm curious as a soldier in a combat MOS if anybody knows where you can find this info? There's all types of stuff that lists why and what types but none that I could find that breaks it down by job specifically. I just thought that that was funny. I was going to debate about this but I need...
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    Where is Lil Los?

    Jus curious. His shit was sic. Does he got anything in the works?
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    Yall will probably get a kick out of this.

    Soo yeah I went to Live Oak highschool I graduated in '97 I've been to Celia's bar and got fucked up. I joined the army in 2004 and I went to iraq. All I want to say is this I just went to a club called Cowboys in Colorado Springs where I'm stationed and I got some Colorado Skrap "O.G." to...
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    AU plugin help for Logic 7.2

    Soo I bought this AU plugin from EastWest called Vapor for 99 bucks right. Then I find out that the new version of Logic doesn't support VST plugins. So I go to the website and download the 1.0.8. update for the Vapor and that sh*t still doesn't show up under the AU plugin menu and it doesn't...
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    What are some good plugins for Logic?

    I was gonna get that e-mu proteus x but it's only for PC. I'm lookin for soft synths, good drum kits, drum sounds, and real instruments like guitars and piano's. Any suggestions?
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    Logic Pro 7.2 question. Need help!!!

    I just bought some Pro Sessions sound and loop libraries. I've only had Logic Pro for like a week. Can somebody explain to me in dummy terms how to load the sounds into the logic program so I can use my midi keyboard to play them on logic? Thanks.
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    U.S. Army OSUTraining...

    What's up people of the Siccness! Merry mothafuckin Christmas! Ender just got back from Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I'm on my Christmas Exodus leave right now for two weeks. Remember how I told yall I was joinin the Army a couple months ago well it happened. And let me tell yall that shit ain't nothin...
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    Hey a**holes.

    As you type there are American soldiers fightin and dying for this country. As you sit and watch T.V., drive your cars, go to work, smoke your dank, drink your alcohol, and do everything else that makes this a great country there are American soldiers fightin and dying right now for all this...
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    What do you live your life for?

    I was jus thinkin about this for awhile. A few weeks ago I got into a convo with my roomate. He kept tellin me that I didn't live in the "real world" because I kept sayin that money shouldn't control my life. I asked him what did he want to be when he was a kid. And he told me a professional...
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    Black C

    I was just wonderin how would someone go about gettin signed to your label? What are you lookin for in an artist? I don't know if you remember me, I been to your spot a couple times with YT (the half white/ half asain kid) I had an altercation with my beat machine on Sycamore? Anyways, I'm...
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    UNTOUCHABLE 1. Gon' speak, but tell me wha you don't see/ Hopefully they don't creep, on me the devils that I don't see/ Me in a lonely dream, where it's only me/ Scream with thy holy speech, to yourself/ Get up out this cell, gotta help myself-/ Ish scheme, everybody bleeds, dog eat dog/ If I...
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    SEARCHIN 1. If only I could find someway to try and breakaway/ I'd run away to every sunny day/ Trade in all my pain, so many rainy dayz/ That I ain't never looked for fame, jus a changed man/ And maybe when I find his name, it'd be the same man/ I am/ When I fall asleep, day walkin dreams/...
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    Need some help

    Well it looks like I won't be able to afford my aol account any longer. Truth is it's under my roomates name cuz I don't have a credit card. And although I'd rather be late on my pg&e bill (which is just fuckin outragous the bastards!) then lose access to the siccness. My roomate doesn't see it...
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    To people who know about midi codes and connectin different pieces of equipment

    I know this is a long shot but I got a roland cdx-1 disclab workstation, a yamaha rm1x sequence remixer, and a planet phatt tone generator. I know how to use all these individually but I don't know how to connect them as a whole. What I'm aimin for is to have the rm1x as the master to play the...
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    I threw a quick sample together with one of my homeboys. I don't know how to make a .wav file. But if you would like to check it out it's on Under artist name- J.C.Situation w/ Reason 1, category- RAP, album- apocrypha, song- Long Day. I'm the second person who flows on it. If yall...
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    Trustee 1. Who do you run to, when the whole world tryin to hunt you/ I know I can't trust you, now look at what I've come to/ A few seeds, planted by a dying breed, trampled under higher feet/ Growing in the cracks of bloody concrete jungle/ King of my trouble sing a slow song/ Thru my long...