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    carpenters union

    anybody know anything about it? apparently theres a free school in morgan hill thats 6 weeks then once youre done youre pretty much guaranteed to find work...sounds too good to be true..but idk
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    put em in a coffin

    am i the only one who wants to yank that faggot down by his dreads and stomp on his face?
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    anybody know anything about property management?

    im having the letter for demand of deposit or whatever the fuck its called written up for me and im gonna send it certified registered mail..basically demanding my deposit back or telling them im taking them to do it myself but it would probably sound like a 7 year old kid with...
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    anybody know anything about property management?

    So i moved out of my old place on November 2nd. I got an email a few days ago with a move out bill for $1,500 bucks saying they replaced the carpet, painted and did some work in the bathroom. They say they sent a letter to my forwarding address but it never came. I know by law they are required...
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    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    uhhh woodie? or was he pure white?
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    says he is a moderator..but ive never seen him post...different name now or something?
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    Daylyt takes a shit on stage

    "record labels are like vampires they stay the fuck away from daylyt" lock is a fucking beast
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    new trucks

    ive never bought a brand new vehicle...ive heard that its not worth it to buy brand new because it loses a ton of value as soon as you leave the lot...true? im looking at either a dodge or ford truck...thanks and fuck you coat hanger stranger in advance
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    safeway breakfast burritos

    are fucking their systems fucked up so every time i put in my phone number i get a free sandwich coupon...fat mans dream
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    giant race

    anyone else do that yesterday? i only did the 5k and im sore as a hurts to sit and hurts to do anything...i never realized how out of shape i am
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    anybody work for UPS?

    and if so have you ever transferred?
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    ice bucket challenge

    is the dumbest thing ever..if these people really gave a shit they would just donate money and shut up about it...not look for attention on the internet...scum bag bastards
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    whys he banned?
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    i still dont understand the whole white guy norteno thing
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    gangs are fucking stupid...only thing i bang is mothers.
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    what a fucking weekend

    so friday im at famous daves eating awesome food and getting piss fucking drunk...continued getting piss drunk later that evening...saturday morning my gf tells me she is pregnant...weve been joking about it lately cause her hooters have been sensitive...we go to the doctor and shes fucking...
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    If you need 9 of your friends to beat someone up you are a pussy. If you attack someone with a weapon you are a pussy.
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    jury duty

    how do you guys get out of it? I told the judge i have a hard time believing cops and i couldnt be a fair juror and they still fucking kept me on the jury...guess next time ill make a racist joke or something? what the fuck do you have to do?
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    bay area lakes

    anybody had any good luck fishing at any of the lakes in the bay area? my main spot is up in shasta but im looking for a day trip. Ive been to chabot and it was decent. Heard los vaqueros and calero were cool.