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  1. shinobionskiz

    Free Messy Marv

    Life has hit rock bottom for Mess. Its time to go Gospel......... Methodist Marv???
  2. shinobionskiz

    Nowaah the Flood x DirtyDiggs – One Hundred (official video)

    This shit ride!!!!! Ill ass sample
  3. shinobionskiz

    AWax new album

    I dont care too much for the Joe Blow shade but A-Wax been dropping some dope shit. I would slap some new shit
  4. shinobionskiz

    Mozzy, Prezi, Jack Rox, Killa Klump - Impatient

    Killa Klump????? Wow I haven't heard that name since "06". Got to check this out
  5. shinobionskiz

    That Vintage Mob!

    The Artwork is Dope!!! Lookinh forward to slappin that
  6. shinobionskiz

    Philthy Rich "Hood Rich"

    Philthy fixing auction buckets in the back I heard
  7. shinobionskiz

    Is San Francisco's rap scene ever going to come back?

    Straight outta Hunters Point DVD was dope
  8. shinobionskiz

    Guce Instrumentals

    A G was bangin, brought back memories....... Damn
  9. shinobionskiz

    Philthy Rich CD’s

    Its Philthy!!!!!!!!!
  10. shinobionskiz

    Fag rap

  11. shinobionskiz

    Fatboy Chubb

    I heard he was a rat too, really enjoyed dudes music. I really dont like to speculate. Im still waiting on that paperwork to pop up
  12. shinobionskiz

    Rich The Factor Best Albums

    Big Thyme, Factorism, SMILE, He got hella projects Im pretty sure 10 cats gonna have 10 different favorites each
  13. shinobionskiz

    Smack - Fuck Joe Blow *DISS* | Dir By. Poor Rich Pesos

    That whole music video was a bunch of dudes showing off pistols and rifles. How could you expect a different outcome. RIP Smack
  14. shinobionskiz


    Blak Mac is dope
  15. shinobionskiz

    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    This video has the wrong title. I didnt see anybody get punked
  16. shinobionskiz


    Dope Album right here
  17. shinobionskiz


    Luni was dope on this one. that other cat fucked the song up with his two liners lol
  18. shinobionskiz

    Tech N9ne

    Once you attempt to reach a mainstream audience the quality of your music will most likely decline. Mainstream artist are all image and no talent......
  19. shinobionskiz

    R.I.P Racked Up Ready

    Baton Rouge Underground Artist Young Ready or Racked Up Ready. Im just now hearing about this. Nobody is talking about it. R.I.P Bruh Baton Rouge Rapper Young Ready Killed in Shooting : Mstarz
  20. shinobionskiz

    Wanda Sykes is not funny!!!!

    Wanda sykes is a faggot