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    Anyone over the age of 12 still listen to punk?

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    Str8 Indiana Muzick.. FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD!!Covers&Tracklist inside and album previews

    i like the album covers its dope... keep it up
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    New Music From Tony Gaines feat. Boy Big

    music for chumps
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    More addictive than crack... some dude just wont stop playing WOW
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    Request: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Grindcore bands with female vocalists...

    listen to some deicide, cephalic carnage, cattle decapitation, watch me burn (female vocalist), fetus eaters... so on...
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    Please help. I formatted and installed Windows XP on mymachine. All is well except no sound. Device Manager shows Multimedia Audio Controller is not installed. I have no idea what driver I need. Under sound/video, shows several audio components including Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio...
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    Used Digital Camcorder $350.00
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    Police Call Intervene

    has anyone ever been raided or been in jail for selling drugs? does anyone know how to notice if your phone calls are being recorded? i know someone here has had experience with dis
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    Arcade Machines????

    i got a new arcade machine but i dont know how to set it up... anybody ever have one? its a mortal kombat 2 one.. old
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    Useful computer skills?

    im looking to enroll in some computer courses at a local school... im really familiar with the basics although i still need more requirements to actually work with computers and make money. my question is, which class would really help me out in the long run? right now im looking at graphics...
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    Is this real?

    this shit is crraaazzzyy...
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    GTA San Andreas: Multiplayer

    download: (need full game to work) video: same as single player but with live people
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    How do you make your money?

    wat are some good ways to make a couple bucks
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    Sisters with something to say, check it....

    are you gay?
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    Makaveli Fuck all Yall

    i couldnt finish the song because it was too horrible
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    Can anyone reccommend some AFI albums (Smurf/B-Buzz)

    i cant believe so many people like AFI... that band is the gayest shit ive ever heard
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    yamaha qx 21

    is there anyway i can find instructions for this online or elsewhere?
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    Contest!!!! Free Ticcets!!!!!!! Free Give Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no one wants to see some lame ass rappers perform, get out of here with the advertising asshole
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    The Day the Music Died

    no need to cry
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    One of the best electronic releases of the last few years. A must listen.

    i think the music you listen to is wack and you should stop posting here at the siccness... thats what i think