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  1. SuiPSYedKing

    Free A-Wax!!

  2. SuiPSYedKing

    What is A-Wax's standing in Bay Area Rap?

    Most of his albums are on youtube: 399 songs
  3. SuiPSYedKing

    Amazon FireTVStick

    Grab a Raspberry Pi and install kodi on it.
  4. SuiPSYedKing

    Amazon fire stick or fire box

    Get the Raspberry Pi2 the media center package. It has kodi installed on the mem card already. Has a cat5 port for direct wired. also has wifi if you want. or get the bare bones and install OSMC on a 8meg mini sd card. I use KORE app to control from my phone. WIRED > WIFI
  5. SuiPSYedKing

    X.O. got caught up.

    He has a shit load of music ready to be released. Sad shit. Pot grower arrested for hiring hitmen to kill Antioch father "Authorities have also charged 38-year-old Wessley Brown of Berkeley with murder. Brown allegedly acted as a middleman between Upshaw and the hitmen, according to Kelly."
  6. SuiPSYedKing

    Ova East (Awax & Bandz) - Dope By The Gate

  7. SuiPSYedKing

    Analise Ft A-Wax "Everything" Official Video

  8. SuiPSYedKing

    Yung Cat Thread

    Thought it would get more action in here than in MIDWEST MAFIA. Mod can move if its in the wrong place. :siccness: U-zYpYvtRBc
  9. SuiPSYedKing

  10. SuiPSYedKing

    Miami Rapper Stitches Gets Knocked Out By Game’s Manager Wack 100

    This vid has him showing his face after getting jumped and saying his boys whipped his ass also. No comeback from this. UvCjGjwyc50
  11. SuiPSYedKing

    Miami Rapper Stitches Gets Knocked Out By Game’s Manager Wack 100

    Another view of the altercation that Stitches youtube posted. FBs4dfIBabQ
  12. SuiPSYedKing

    Favourite A-Wax Verse

    "Yo......., Dj play that tune, so I can pump'em up and spray that goon, right there, scared, square rappers, thugs and guns, drugs and slums. Yo... fuck you bums gunplaying..6 AM come spay em, pay'em a lil visit, im saying..yo what is it? Kiss it!! 10 karat pinky ring blinging bring it 4 killas...
  13. SuiPSYedKing


    Sorry if this is a re-post, but had to up it. k6tFtHzGVLE
  14. SuiPSYedKing

    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    One I ain't seen mentioned is Los Rakas. They making noise all over Telemundo.
  15. SuiPSYedKing

    Blood In Blood Out-part 2

    Interesting!!! OeirzhcVYrU More details of Blood In Blood Out-part 2 next Sunday Night with Jesse Borrego
  16. SuiPSYedKing

    UFC on Fox 9 Dec 14, Sacramento, California

    Who's going? I am. Team Alpha Male has been dominate lately + A. Pettis on the card. Main Event :Anthony Pettis vs. T.J. Grant Urijah Faber vs. Michael McDonald Chad Mendes vs. Unknown Fighter
  17. SuiPSYedKing

    Lil Dicky - (Official Videos)

    S.F. resident Lil Dicky Classic Comedy Rap. OSwi-PkbSIo RC-e5vs6NeY 10