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  1. J

    The official reason why LiterAcola hasnt posted on the siccness in a few weeks......

    He's fat like 280ish and sat on his girlfriends laptop and broke it he just told me....Only computer they had left
  2. J

    The Jacka and Killa Klump Verses For Sale

    I got verses from Killa Klump for the low low and a hot 16 from the jacka as well. Pm me or email me at [email protected] to hear them or get more info
  3. J

    Native Instruments Maschine

    Just picked up the Maschine from Native Instruments. So far I really really like it. Still figuring out all the possibilites. This matched with Reason and NI Komplete 7 and a midi controller is killer. Its basically just a controller for all the vsts/samples/sounds that are located on the...
  4. J

    2011 Siccness Football Betting Thread

    I know alot of you play on saturday and sunday to add a little excitement to the weekend for entertainment purposes of course.. The first couple weeks are tricky to play but still fun. So lets use this thread to discuss and maybe help eachother win big this year.. Gonna play two team parlay...
  5. J

    San Jose, CA Longest life expectancy in US San Jo residents have the longest life expectancy of any city in the US. I really posted this because OAKLAND is number 15 on that list.. Really? Is that sample only including the Hills or what? I thought you were...
  6. J

    $40 one way flights on Southwest Air expires 6/23

    Just a little heads up on a deal southwest has going on for their 40th anniversary. The offer expires tomorrow. $40/one way fligths for under 450 miles travel distance. Just picked up a seat to go to SD for less than $100 round trip. With air fare being so expensive these days this is a great...
  7. J

    E-Lo f/ Louie Loc and Rell Dert - Bayteam

    mixing and mastering my boy E-Lo's album right now here is a track off it called "Bayteam" f/ Louie Loc and Rell Dert. The sample is killin the beat. His album will be out this summer f/ san quinn, louie loc, killa klump, lil bruce, rell dert, jacka, and many more. IxpgYkHhsf4
  8. J

    Post Youtube videos of your favorite moments in NBA history

    I'll start 9SyiQN2yu5w
  9. J

    Who has the best fans on the sicc??? NFL!!

    Raiders, niners, chiefs, Seahawks are the most represented but who got the most non delusional fans on the sicc.. I think were all pullin for the hawks now and 9er fans don't act like there's a rivalry.. But who represents the most for their team.. And ironlungs don't come in here off top and...
  10. J

    2011 Pro Bowl Rosters from Oakland.. Lechler, Aso, and Seymour.. McFadden got robbed...
  11. J

    Top 10 Most Exciting NFL Players of 2010 Top 10 most exciting players in the 2010 NFL Season.. Darren McFadden #6, Jacoby Ford #2. No Jamal Charles...?
  12. J

    Buster Posey Wins NL Rookie of the Year

    they did the right thing congrads to BUSTER!!!
  13. J

    Why do 49er fans think they're team is so much better than the RAIDERS???

    I'll the fucking time on here you fags bad mouth our team and talk about how we've had 7 seasons with 11 or more losses..You say we were the worst team of last decade.. Well I decided to do a little number crunching and heres what I came up with.. Since the 1999 season the San Francisco 49ers...
  14. J


    krizz kaliko is dope as fuck I dunno what LAW is talking about both those albums were sick as hell
  15. J

    Clyde Carson Thread

    i swear this album came out in 2007
  16. J

    Need a flyer done for an upcoming show

    Ima be straight up we gotta low budget this show is gonna be for free so were just tryn to get a lil somethin to post up on the internet. Get at me and lemme know whats good... Heres the info. Date: Saturday November 28th Location: The Forestville Club, Forestville CA. Artists: Stone Mill...
  17. J

    New York Jets at Oakland Raiders

    I think the Raiders have a 50/50 chance of winning the game. Its all in their hands to go out and execute. Here are my keys to the game. Protect the QB and catch the ball. Convert on 3rd down 50% of the time at least. Have a positive turnover ratio. Establish the run early. Dont give up big...
  18. J

    The offical you know your fat if...... (FAT BASTARD APPROVED THREAD)

    You know your fat if @Tacobell starts following you on twitter... LOL what the fuck.. I was like really???? damn
  19. J

    Which burger is the best? Big Mac wanna be thread!!!!!

    this should be in the food forum!
  20. J

    Bored to Death (new hbo series) Stars Jason Swartzman, Ted Danson, and Zach Galifakanakus (sp?, dude from hangover) Looks pretty hilarious and its an HBO series, so that automatically makes it good.