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  1. MistaSmokalot

    saginaw,new orleans,memphis,gary CD auctions!

    Hey yall, hope erryone is doin well,, check out some stuff I'm trying to get rid of, not that it's bad or anything, I wish I could keep these CDs, but I'm low on money right now and need to come up... Check em out!!!!!!! :hurt: Peace
  2. MistaSmokalot

    Guce tape on ebay !!

    Rare tape single from pure pressure album, get that shit, and look at my other auctions 2 . peace
  3. MistaSmokalot

    stl classic

    you got click tight - flossin? i need this
  4. MistaSmokalot

    Nashville Cd on ebay, kool daddy fresh, dj lee, etc

    HERE under 1 day left, i know its a high starting but i cant really afford to let this one go..good luck. peace
  5. MistaSmokalot

    bg thang, new breed of hustlas, on ebay get this shit before its to late, this is the orignal 1994 tape/vinyl ONLY release :hurt: PEACE
  6. MistaSmokalot

    new breed of hu$tlas bg thang tape 1994

    Anyone interested in new breed of hu$tlas bg thang tape only 1994 release? Also have a really tight 1997 Nashville compilation I'm looking to sell, its called Black Music City Volume 1 Phat Youth, it was released in 1997 and has no barcode, it's a mix of G funk, RnB and G-Rap..let me know if...
  7. MistaSmokalot

    dope texas and sippi cd on ebay

    HERE :chinese:
  8. MistaSmokalot

    rollyn 1000 click representn

    well, first off, Id lke to say RIP to p folks and all of his freinds and Fam, coming to this forum and seeing that post was the LAST thing on my mind, so RIP yall. second, Im looking for the rollyn 1000 click's first tape single (Represent'n) COVER ... does anyone have this they would be able...
  9. MistaSmokalot


    thats good to hear, I talked to cap a while back and he didint hear from him (raw), i said simken should come up to canada, but I think im the only one that even knows who simken heights is in canada LOL good newz mane :)
  10. MistaSmokalot

    44 Clique & O.T.R. Clique

    44 clique split up after one of the members was incarcerated for murder, 9 milla went solo, donno what happened to the other dudes. i'm sure they had some priorites... OTR I haven't heard of for a real long time, Hard to say what up with them, but they both bangin i wish they was still around.
  11. MistaSmokalot


  12. MistaSmokalot


    REQ: M.O.B.B._F.A.M.I.L.E.-Chronicles_Vol._1_Tappin_Da_Rockies-1999
  13. MistaSmokalot

    dj squeeky hospitalized

    LINK He had a cough/cold and took to much cough syrup making him black out while driving.... what the fuck, I swear all the dope southern producer/artists whatever are going to die due to over the counter medicine over doses, what the fuck mannez get some brainz and dont OD..fuck..we need the...
  14. MistaSmokalot

    r.i.p. wheel chair aka mr. narcotics cca

    RIP homie put down some real raps in his day thats fosho, RIP
  15. MistaSmokalot

    ..Quickest Tounges [sicktape vol. 3]..

    if its got Formigajlle on it you know its dope
  16. MistaSmokalot

    cool sip CD cool sippi cd, its a lil newer 2000 or something, no year actually on it, but its got some good slow sippi flows....and check my other items as well... only 1 day left :)
  17. MistaSmokalot


    loc - blueprint of a husla from milwaukee...I dont listen to 2005 shit but this shit knocks, I think it was recorded earlier. has baby drew and others from mil town.. HAPPYHALLOWEENBITCHEZZZ
  18. MistaSmokalot

    BEWARE OF SELLER: 196music

    bitch made hasn't replied to any of my emails, no product after 2 months...checked out his feedback and numerous complaints... be aware of this ho Kenneth Plank [email protected] 196music peace
  19. MistaSmokalot

    is c fresh related to coug?

    I was arguin with my homie the other day, I don't think they are related but he made some good points that lead me wusup wit it? both voices are one of a kind, they gotta be in same dna category:ermm:
  20. MistaSmokalot


    project born are my shit, i love dat shit big ups to person who upped raw society - mid evil timez, I wish he was still rapping...I talked with cap 1 and it sounds like thangs are over