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  1. Gabe505

    Several killed in shooting at Texas Walmart

    Shame, they so busy stopping everyone going out the door for their receipt, not noicing a guy with an assault rifle..:sleep::sick:
  2. Gabe505

    DT — WxllxrStrxxt Stupid

    I feelin this one, sounds good in the system!
  3. Gabe505

    Philthy Rich "Hood Rich"

    @StillHustlin you trying to troll the last few people who post or you got some real life information. Dunno whats up here..
  4. Gabe505

    Bay area beatmakers/producers tips & info on getting started

    Welcome, right now YouTube is gonna be your best bet. Thanks for joining the Siccness!
  5. Gabe505

    [FR€€ B€AT] D€LUX€ B€AT$ - BIKING

    If you wanna sell beats, it might help to have actual samples for people to hear. ;)
  6. Gabe505

    Anyone have a link to tonights UFC?

    I ended up rolling with bookmark that shit!
  7. Gabe505

    Anyone have a link to tonights UFC?

  8. Gabe505

    Best of Funk

    Props to @infinity for this post. Bad ass idea!
  9. Gabe505

    [email protected]

  10. Gabe505

    Gabe takes the chat down...

    We still get decent traffic, but they aren't posting just lurking.
  11. Gabe505

    Gabe takes the chat down...

    The chat was dead just like the rest of the forum so I took it down. If you would like to contribute to setting up a ant-troll policy we can talk about making you a mod. I don't really make any money off this site as I do not own it. I do what I can...
  12. Gabe505

    testing smilies

    What would you categorize these as and I'll upload them.
  13. Gabe505

    The Official Golden State Warriors Thread

    Thats some funny shit!
  14. Gabe505

    Spice 1 ft Kurupt & Devin The Dude - Since 85

    Fixed the main site bro..
  15. Gabe505

    A-Wax - Sympathize

    Who did the beat? One of the better ones from Wax.
  16. Gabe505

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Just ended the chat, we'll bring it back for special events.