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  1. Arson

    soft major cities with not much talent or soul?

    San jose off top, name yours.
  2. Arson

    Gas One has a vagina

    Some more lies, I didnt have a truck, my car DIDNT break down, my one car is worth more then everything your life added up,i have 250 mile towing, are you brain dead an cant keep a story str8? or do you just make it up as you go along, I needed a licensed driver, dude helped me out, and I've...
  3. Arson

    Gas One has a vagina

    he just walked in at the perfect timing from his exciting life of busting knocks, and being a bay area legend.
  4. Arson

    Gas One has a vagina

    If gas posts a pic of his gf in a swim suit ill leave the site @Gas One
  5. Arson

    Cml killa hoe hella slap.:dead:
  6. Arson

    Gas One has a vagina

    y'all making stuff up, with all the $$$ from nocks, he can stay at the ritz year round.
  7. Arson

    AOne Official Thread

    Or sounds like a wack yuk
  8. Arson

    AOne Official Thread

    Or sounds like a wack yuk
  9. Arson

    Ronald Mack who they love to hate

    What happened to this Ronald Mack? he had fucking GAS, This shit sounded so good in my buick regal with a 10w7 jl with mono block amp, and kenwood deck.
  10. Arson


    I was listening to short my whole life, but back 2 the hotel had me buying every vallejo artist, first time i heard 40 too, rbl posse firsr album i copped anything in a minute, mac dre was a legend allready when he out back n the hood, i felt so bad ass listening to his jail raps lol.
  11. Arson

    Best rapper with out a major label album?

    Mac dre , i think he would have 2 or 3 gold albums if he never went to prison.
  12. Arson

    Lavish d killa city reply

  13. Arson

    Joe Blow - I Run The World (Responds To Smack Diss)

    remember this one? we need a rich the factor interview, that would shut all this shit down. @COOPDVILL we need a rich the factor interview, and a lav d one too, show these mfers fuckers why the sicc is the hardest site on the net.
  14. Arson

    Anybody pick up that new Joe Blow?

    dopest track on there, you need to listen to this with some pound in the whip.
  15. Arson

    Bay Area rappers on paperwork

    He got snatched by the secret service for funny money, and told on scoob nitty. Cats had his paper work in a few barber shops in the P.
  16. Arson

    Bay Area rappers on paperwork

    what di you call thst,
  17. Arson

    Afrika Bambaataa a chomo?

    Afrika Bambaataa molested 'hundreds' of boys, bodyguard says - NY Daily News Afrika Bambaataa molested “hundreds” of boys who were paraded in and out of his places in the Bronx and on the road, said a man who claims to be a former bodyguard for the hip hop pioneer. Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey...
  18. Arson

    Lavish D new song

  19. Arson