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    DZ interview

    Yea I'm tryna see that shit again. Wish I woulda downloaded that shit when it was still on YouTube. That song "Seattle Ain't Ridin For You" was kinda hard but funny lol.
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    100s aka KossiKo Thread

    Was that IVRY album ever pressed up or was it just digital?
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    My Want List

    Looking for: Silver Shadow D - Sleepless CD Crooked Path - After Dark TAPE E-Dawg - Platinum E-Dawg - All Retirement Projects Lil Kriz - Gimme The Night
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    Question about setting up artwork for a t-shirt...

    Wondering if anyone could help. I wanted to get a t-shirt done by silk screen. The t-shirt will be black, and the artwork is black and white. I have the photoshop file still (I used cs3 for it), and I was wondering how to set it up? Mir can I just use a jpg file? What's the best way for the...
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    UNLV Rebels of the Street Corner

    Anyone get this yet or know how it is?