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    BERNER Re-Evaluation Thread!

    this the unofficial 20 joints part 2 right here
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    Erk Tha Jerk aka Kevin Allen

    Pheelthy been fucking wit Detroit heavy Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Philthy Rich - Free JBay

    That title track is about as saucy as it get... we need @younglou to speak on it! Lotta Detroit love sprinkled throughout the album.
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    messy Marv released!

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    messy Marv released!

    Looks like he's jumpin in the studio wit Playa P. Should be some heat... I feel 19 agaim
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    Bringing this one from the dead.. @dunacutty did you have parts in G-Eazy's announcement?
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    Merry Christ-Mass folks (Free album inside)

    Any mix from @MoonChild is a gift! Thanks
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    "BAMMER" Vic Million VITO ft Duke, Sino, Moschino Jones prod by Helluva

    Detroit shit but these young boys payin homage. What say you, BART?b8GuEkRa65c
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    Doughboyz cashout

    add: Payroll - Stack Season Doughboyz - The Tester and Doughboyz - Free Roc Must haves and stay in my rotation
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    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    somebody needs to interview this guy. Coop, DJVlad, Charlemagne! Also, where's the talented artist who made the thread of all the rapper drawings? Let's get a TayWaxGrady collage
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    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    damn i mighta slapped shady grady shit back in to think he's a fuckin hood paparazzi
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    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    i know i'm one of the elder statesmen on here, but fuck this mf old as hell lmao! they kept mentioning talkin shit on the board, and so it's gotta be one of you old mfs lol step up and identify yourself
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    DUBB 20

    no jacka feature????
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    Messy Marv in Reno

    Below was his first comment on the whole don't need twitter to view his posts... WILLIAM BREED ‏@williambreed 31 Aug @LiLPaperdUpMess @LiLpaperdupma u bitch u got messy marv phone on here braggin bout knocking a fillmoe nigga out FUCK RENO BITCH !!!FILLMOE
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    How you go from No Limit to getting dissed by...POOH SAUCE!?
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    What happened to the 8 Bit Bump Mixtape?

    Everybody was all hype about it, then n word...what da hell?
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    OK, brah came wit da mainstream sounding shit when he was he dropping underground shit now that he signed...I'm confused lol
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    Feel like the Seatown King,,,how come no one mentions...

    Just previewed that San Quinn "I Never Left" mixtape slaps like shit!
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    Damn the Bay got some Sick Producers!

    I just finally listened to the song sampled on that Mac Dre "Song 4 u"...DAMN! Somebody was reaching on that one, but really pulled the shit off. I think the producers that cranked out bangers on MD's shit should get together and help one of these bay rappers that's on the cusp of blowing up...
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    Droop-E/B-Luv/B-Slimm Triple threat rap battle: Who you taking?

    This is a tough one that's been bothering me all year...this would be one helluva slobberknocker! Who's your money on?