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  1. thaslumz

    Bavgate Official Thread

    how was the movie he came out with? i seen that shit last week
  2. thaslumz

    bone fans, i got a question?

    Im pretty sure its just krayzie and wish
  3. thaslumz

    Any new Baby Bandit?

    Anybody have any info on when baby bandits dropping some new shit? Been looking forward to dude's new 1 for sometime now
  4. thaslumz

    where can i get that???

    anyone know where i can get that new don diego at online? i need that shit in the whip. ive searched a few online stores and kant kome up on that shit. right on Folkz
  5. thaslumz

    Tech 9 Welcomes Pittsburgh Philthy on the KOD Tour

    philth's dope, i support his shit
  6. thaslumz

    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    How's that new Rich the Factor cd? Anybody on here have a chance to soak it yet?
  7. thaslumz

    Anybody copp TNA Wrestling?

    I recently got this at best buy for twenty bucks. its an alright game, just hella short once you finish your first yr and get the belt the story line ends, i dont understand why it was cut so short. Anybody know if theyre planning on releasing anoter one and whats your thoughts on the shit.
  8. thaslumz

    Rich the Factor / Whale Clothing

    theres some on rapbay homie
  9. thaslumz

    Anyone heard of Rich The Factor-WHALEorcastrated??

    another banger, rich always comes with that heat
  10. thaslumz

    FLesh N Bone back in the pen

    i agree with you homie, flesh is a beast on the mic. i hope he gets it together
  11. thaslumz


    i liked devious's album, had some bangers on there. tha xtacy track is slap
  12. thaslumz


    i havent heard n e thiing new from dude in a min, whatsup with him, hes still around? dickies and chuck taylors had some slaps on there
  13. thaslumz

    Mo B, Dick- Gangsta Harmony?

    How many of ya'll niggas have/had this in your collection? This was one of the last no limit cd's that knockd, i recently banged this a few days ago and it still knocks like it was 99 imo. whats your thoughts on the album?
  14. thaslumz

    fat kid slaps his mom!!! lol

    this shit is crazy as fuck, what u think? sorry if this shits been posted before lol but damn
  15. thaslumz

    dumbest shit ive seen in a long time...

    what idiot burns a 100,000??? this has too be some of the stupidest shit ive ever seen in my life, lol niggas take balling and shit too the extreme these daysm heres the video
  16. thaslumz

    who is the next midwest rapper to shine in 2009

    check my cuddie out Tha Pit from denver, co. here's his myspace page w some slaps on there let me know what u guys think, my nigga b gassin for real
  17. thaslumz

    Greedy the movie dropping dec 5???

    this is my 1st time seeing this trailer, on the myspace it sais its dropping on the fifth, ive been waiting a hot one too see this shit.
  18. thaslumz


    nice breakdown wood, but imma give this one too tone due to the fact he gets more rotation. but rich go's hard in the paint on every verse aswell
  19. thaslumz

    remember the boys???(80's shit)

    i was going thru someshit in my room and found the vhs tape w all there vids on it that motown put out, damn that was the days. what ever happened to these niggas???
  20. thaslumz

    jaytee splash!

    damn thats a good drink bruh bruh, my chick is loving it aswell shes drinking it w breakfast now lol