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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    YOU'RE BOTH FUCKING RETARDED!!! In all honesty though, a T-Nutty/Mozzy song would be dope though. Besides the C-Bo being cool wit Lav part, there's also the issue between Snubbz & Liq that Nutty had that group album with. I don't know how close Nutty & Liq are, or if the album was just...
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    New A Wax Music FREE DOWNLOAD (11 Songs)

    @tazz Wax addressed the Bu/Konvict situation briefly on "Get Em Girlz" on Jesus Malverde. "I'm really Bool, Like-I'm-Akon's-brotha/ Before the feds hit, I was tight-wit-Akon's-brotha/ Now I can't even get a text back, ain't expect-that/ Said to Hell wit pushin Konvict, brought the RX-Back/"
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    DB Tha General Thread

    DB be on the Go-Fast Crystal. Tell em to call B-12 one time.
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    A-Wax - These Bros Ain't Loyal Ft. Waka Flocka Ain't that the truth.
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    Real shit about fake friendships. That shit about facebook is true as shit. I got homies, then I got FB acquaintances. Two completely different things. At least he knows in his head how it's gonna be already because you know it's gonna be a long line of people that are gonna be waitin to jump on...
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    Yo gotti- act right ft jeezy and yg

    The video looks like a montage of all of E-40's video's from "Tell Me When To Go" to "Function". It was like Deja Vu watchin it. It seems like they used the same exact locations as alot of his videos he's done in the past 6-7 years, I dunno if they are or not but that's what it looked like to...
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    Who's been on these forums since the beginning?

    For the young buck's that were late to the party, I highly suggest you head to Classic Posts & put yourself up on the history of this board. There's some of the funniest shit I've ever read/seen on any website in that forum right there. The shit that had me laughin the most was @Gas One & his...
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    DB Tha General Thread

    DB is so fuckin annoyin. His voice is fuckin irritatin as hell. He does NOT and did NOT invent GAS. I for really don't see why the fuck the lil 18 year old kid's think he's dope. He is by no means lyrical. He just screams & says things that only retarded kids think is "gas". Philthy is by no...
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    Smfh. Fik & 40 probably backed out of shootin the video last minute after seein that Fat fugly bitch jigglin around.
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    Best A-Wax Interview I've Seen This is the most I've ever seen him elaborate in his answers in an interview. He's got the right head on his shoulders for the business. He's not expectin or askin for a handout, he's just puttin in the work. Good to hear him give credit to Woodie for...
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    Sorry,I'm on my phone & YouTube vid didn't pop up right away,I didn't listen to the video but I'm pretty sure this is the song I was talking about because it was a Lil Rue diss too..
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    Didn't Ronald Mack & a couple others say he's a Stuart Little? I think I just heard it a couple weeks ago. I think Shady Nate may have been on it,I could be wrong though.
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    I'm downloading right now.
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    I haven't been a huge fan of the production he's had on Embedded/I Am Lock but he NEVER disappoints with his lyrics/delivery/content. This beat is super dope though. His video production quality is ridiculous too. This is definitely his best one.
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    @C-4 - That's what's up. I'll definitely give it a listen.
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    The song is longer...there's a Jacka verse on it,I'm just assuming they couldn't book em for the vid due to schedulin conflicts or somethin..Dope song/vid tho..
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    Pro Tools 8 Installation Problem

    I have PT8 LE installed on my old computer which is Windows XP.. I got a new computer with more RAM & HD space..but it won't install on there.. It'll be installing it but then it'll pop up with this "Component: Documentation - Operating System File: E://PT.LEinstaller\ Error...