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  1. UnLieutenant

    ebay sale (Kokane, WCBB 1, TRU, Mackvillin, Dubb Sak, Never...) lots of rare shit

    Check out the auctions and take advantage of the great prices. I can easily ship CDs without the jewel case, which reduces shipping costs tremendously! Just let me know. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AUCTIONS AGERMAN - SUCCESS THE BEST REVENGE *3XKrazy *OG Rel. ALLFRUMTHAI - UNCUT *Road Dawgs *MC...
  2. UnLieutenant

    Bunch of CDs 4 sale (Bay, Dago, LA, Texas, Louisiana...)

    i'm selling a bunch of CDs with Bay Area, Texas, Louisiana, Southern California and other rap. prices are negotiable if you buy several CDs. also shipping from Germany is not included, but we can save BIG TIME on shipping if i sent them without the jewel case. please send me a private message...
  3. UnLieutenant

    some rare vinyls for sale

    check out my auctions. buy a couple of records to save on shipping BIG TIME. 12" 116 SOLJAZ - ALL DAY EVERYDAY *Midwest *SUPER RARE!! 12" THA DOGG POUND - U JUST A B*TCH/PARTY AT MY HOUSE 12" THA DOGG POUND - DIPP WIT ME/GANGSTA LIKE *Blue RAR 12" KURUPT - CALLIN OUT NAMES *Super...
  4. UnLieutenant

    !!! 317 Westcoast & South Vinyls on ebay (all starting at $1.40) !!!

    international shipping is GREATLY REDUCED if you buy several records. holla at me with any questions... :siccness: 275 - CALLIN ME/STRANGE *Down South Rap Sehr Smooth 3XKRAZY - BIG LEAGUE *Bay Area *Keak Da Sneak * 3XKRAZY - KEIT ON THE REAL...
  5. UnLieutenant

    SLC - Born IN Raised - Comin Soon

    hey Doe, still tryna get you guys to collab with my artist Ace from berlin. shoot me your # or email via PM and we can talk
  6. UnLieutenant

    c-rock - tha wait is over

    my boys from JCR music are about to drop c-rock's new album. it's a small label based in germany but c-rock's gonna sell it in the US as well ----------------------------------------------------------- JCR-Music präsentiert: C-Rock - Tha Wait Is Over Available 07.11.2008 SNIPPET...
  7. UnLieutenant

    SLC - Born IN Raised - Comin Soon

    hey Doe, check your private messages. i wanna holla at you about a collabo
  8. UnLieutenant

    [ebay] Vinyl Sale (whoridas, messy marv, san quinn, MC breed, geto boys...) combine shipping to make it worthwhile cause the dollar is so weak and shipping to the states is a bitch! 12" Z-RO - THE MULE 12" SNOOP DOGG - AIN'T NO FUN / BIG PIMPIN' 12" B.G. - CASH MONEY IS AN ARMY 12" B.G. - BLING BLING 12" C-MURDER &...
  9. UnLieutenant

    [Ebay] CDs/DVDs (Darkroom Familia, Zagg, GLP, Messy Marv...) shipping costs can be reduced by letting me know to send out the CD without jewel case. you only pay the actual shipping costs!! BEELOW - BALLAHOLIC BG EVIL - ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOZ NEZT BIZZY BONE - HEAVEN'Z MOVIE DARKROOM FAMILIA - LOS...
  10. UnLieutenant

    lookin' 4 info on eddy rebel (detroit, MI)

    i listened to this one album titled "search no more". it's from 2000 and a release on Out Cold Recordings. he's got a very smooth, playalistic style with a lot of singing. very untypical for the "motor city"... i liked it a lot! although i'm not a 100% sure whether he's from...
  11. UnLieutenant

    [ebay] BG Evil, Northern Expozure 1, Traficantes, Gangsta Reese, City of Dope 2000

    check out these couple of auctions i have on ebay BG Evil - One Flew Over The Cuckooz Nezt (2001 Killa Valley Ent.: 17 Tracks feat. Young Droop, Twamp Nina, Lunatik, Tiny, E-Lokeez) Dark Room Familia - Los Traficantes (1999 Dogday Records...
  12. UnLieutenant

    flyer i appreciated

    some feedback from y'all would be nice.
  13. UnLieutenant

    vice lords and GD rap

    good looking out on uppin that track!!
  14. UnLieutenant

    vice lords and GD rap

    yeah, i thought the movie was pretty dope. just way too short...
  15. UnLieutenant

    vice lords and GD rap

    yeah i got that "walk with me " joint. i came up on some midwest gangbang type of music by now but i always need more input. much appreciated... i also watched that DVD "trust none" with white folks and other chi-town rappers... they talk a lot about the different hoods in...
  16. UnLieutenant

    95 CDs+DVDs on Ebay (Westcoast, South, Midwest, Eastcoast)

    check it out, there's something for everybody. get at me via PM or in this thread with questions ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CDs: Bay Area / Sacramento 3rd DAGREE - THE UNSEEN HAND *Solidarity *Bay Area...
  17. UnLieutenant

    vice lords and GD rap

    ??? thanks again for y'all's replies. that gives me a start to do some more research... and @45 yr old virgin: i feel ya, but i'm just startin to get into midwest rap and since there's alotta tlak about gang shit i just wanted some info on that...
  18. UnLieutenant

    vice lords and GD rap

    you talking about dirty from alabama?
  19. UnLieutenant

    vice lords and GD rap

    yeah still waitin on an answer on that @d-scrilla: good looking out!! i gotta do some more research on midwest shit. don't even know the basics about the gangs and stuff... LOL
  20. UnLieutenant

    vice lords and GD rap

    aight cool. is that an independent gang or is it a set or something?