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  1. young$tupidDumb

    Trife Gang Rich Ft. A-Wax - John Wick

    Heard he got some bad pills laced with fentanyl RIP TrifeGang Rich
  2. young$tupidDumb

    Request: G.U.N Generation Under Nation 1990

    Yeah thats weird that he just brags about having them. He's a sucka for sure!
  3. young$tupidDumb

    Request: G.U.N Generation Under Nation 1990

    That Jorge209 cat even has an unreleased Poyo Loko album. He posted snippets on the Darkroom Fan page on Instagram
  4. young$tupidDumb


    I always see alot of hate on youtube comments that he is a rat or he PC'd up, I wonder if there is truth to any of that. Hopefully not, he came a long way to finally be out. cant wait to hear the new music
  5. young$tupidDumb

    Guce sentenced to 19 years?

    I saw JuneOnnaBeat mention it on his IG, click link below
  6. young$tupidDumb

    Sav It Out 5 Instrumental Remakes

    @gucecity your a those sound exactly like the beats they used. Do you have any original beats you've made?
  7. young$tupidDumb

    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    There's some dope and rare footage on there with the Mob Figaz and Cougnut [RIP]
  8. young$tupidDumb

    The Curren$y and Jet Life Thread

    KodakBlack got some dope songs! he reminds me of Lil Boosie mixed with Lil Turk
  9. young$tupidDumb

    Jacka, album in '96?

    its that easy?? wow , i have a bunch of tapes i been wanting to convert. definitely going to try this @infinity
  10. young$tupidDumb

    Jacka, album in '96?

    @Mr Vandal hopefully you can find that tape, i'm trying to hear them joints!
  11. young$tupidDumb

    Jacka, album in '96?

    Fatal Mentality @EAST510BAY
  12. young$tupidDumb

    B-Real & Berner - Prohibition [DL LINK]

    B-Real & Berner - Prohibition B Real & Berner - Prohibition // Free Mixtape @ Just Dropped Peep it out!!
  13. young$tupidDumb

    Kool John - Shmop City [Download link]

    Kool John released his latest project yesterday, Shmop City. Don't sleep on Kool john, he's been putting out dope music! Check this project out Download Mixtape Kool John - $hmopcity - Heart Break Gang
  14. young$tupidDumb

    Mistah Fab slapped Dj Mustard?

    Saw Mars tweet this and thought this was worth sharing: Mars @Mars · 6m Mistah FAB was like "Yo, can I get some mustard? DJ Mustard was like for what? Mista fab said "for this knuckle sandwich!" #worldstarcomment
  15. young$tupidDumb

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    Instant Classic, Gangsta Gibbs and Madlib did they thang!! Knicks is my favorite song , but they all dope
  16. young$tupidDumb


    when is that mixtape droppin?
  17. young$tupidDumb


    maybe if they added a different color background it would look decent...either way its guna be some heat droppin FREE X-RAIDED LOCC
  18. young$tupidDumb

    Very Rare Mac Dre...

    I seen that article also @Gemini I asked Scoop on his instagram about it but no reply
  19. young$tupidDumb


    damn thats terrible that hes quiting!! he's never really received the credit that he deserves in my of the dopest MCs comin out the bay
  20. young$tupidDumb


    I havent listened to it yet, but i thought i'd post it here for my fellow siccness homies...