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  1. El D

    That new Laroo album is banging

    basically the best bay album of 08....congrats dude
  2. El D

    Mistah F.A.B., Asher Roth, Mos Def & Beanie Sigel - Cannon Freestyle
  3. El D

    Jay Rock EPK

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  4. El D

    Whatever happened to E-A SKI ??

    dude had the bay on fire for a hot minute...everyone was getting beats from him and shit....and will the bay area version of detox aka "apply pressure" ever drop?
  5. El D

    Jay Rock's new tape D/L

    01. Coming Soon To A Hood Near You 02. Heart Of The Ghetto 03. Da Rock!!! 04. All My Life (ft. Lil Wayne & 05. Summertime 06. Top Back 07. It's Top Dawg 08. I Cried (Prod. DJ Noodles) 09. In The Streets 10. Blood Nigga 11. Da Boss 12. Jay Rock's Pain 13. In LA 14. The Hood (ft. Jay...
  6. El D

    Strong Arm Steady - Can't Let It Go (prod. by DJ Khalil) (off "Arm & Hammers")

    Strong Arm Steady - Can't Let It Go (prod. by DJ Khalil) (off &quot;Arm &amp; Hammers&quot;)
  7. El D

    New Mistah Fab Interview ( First thank you for sitting down with me today. MF: Oh no problem man, I’m wit it. Define yourself. If I looked in Webster’s what would it say? MF: Its going to say “This dude is that nig”...
  8. El D


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  9. El D

    Terrace martin - Signal flow (Untagged)

    no publicity stunts here...just good music 01) Message From MC Wack 02) Signal Flow Intro (Feat. Snoop Dogg) 03) Ridin' (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Problem & Scar) 04) To The Top (Feat. The Game, Snoop Dogg & Uncle...
  10. El D

    Planet Asia & Dj Muggs - 9mm

    this shit is hard as's from their upcoming album
  11. El D

    Mistah Fab - The bus ride (Promo pic)

    just saw this on the april issue of ozone west with sky balla on the cover...y'all can read it online here
  12. El D

    NEW Balance Feat. Yukmouth & Messy Marv - I'm good

    dope track
  13. El D

    Bishop Lamont, Warren G, Xzibit, G.Malone, Ras Kass, Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo, Mykestro

    2 new tracks off bishop's upcoming tape with whoo kid Bishop Lamont - Gorilla Pimpin 5008 (ft. Warren G, Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo, & Ryan C) [Prod. by CHE' of Aftermath Records]...
  14. El D

    2 dope west coast albums that will released in the near future

    *will BE released Dj Muggs & Planet Asia - Pain language first leak >>> Self Scientific - come in peace prepare for war first leak >>>...
  15. El D

    Omar Cruz feat. Frankie J - To the top

    clean ass track...this is his official single
  16. El D

    Terrace Martin w/ Snoop, Dj Quik, Kurupt & Dj Drama

    dope quik had the best verse...dude is still on top of his game
  17. El D


    don't sleep on this...o.cruz's producer got that heat
  18. El D

    Stacee Adamz - Infiltration vol.1 (tight mixtape)

    the last one was dope and this one is even's definitely worth downloading
  19. El D

    is that Clyde Carson? on Usher's new video... around the 3:48 mark...kinda looks like him
  20. El D


    produced by rome