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    Crooked I, best rapper alive..

    just heard week 44, damn..he killed it.. the 44 flow..
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    spider loc dissin Messy marv

    i just heard it on dubcnn.. you can check it out if you want.. whats it all about..
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    lunch meat.... any good?

    I heard one track, think it was a hi-tec beat..and it was dope.. wondering if other songs from his cd are as good, and who does most of the production? worth copin?? and kinda off topic..but what the fuck happend to roblo? any new beats from that cat?
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    i just coped his last lp.. im feelin his laid back flow..
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    new cbo..any good?

    anyone heard thatnew cbo? it came out a few weeks ago i think..the track listing is in the westcoast mafia section..any feed back?
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    any thoughts on Ap9 n feddy's lp?

    havent heard any traccs just wanna see if its worth buyin.. anyone cop it yet?
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    AP9 and Fed-X album..

    i got the tracc list.. but anyone cop this yet? is it good.. ?
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    Services for Fat Tone and Burial

    learn to type you uneducated bitch.. i wouldnt let my dog lick you..
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    Services for Fat Tone and Burial

    you're straight out to lunch..there's no point even talking to you.. yousay i sound like a bitch, but you literally are eat a dick bitch..go piss on someones grave n come talk about it on a done readin ur shit.
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    Services for Fat Tone and Burial

    buddy..last week a buddy of mine got 4 shots to the head with an ak, so you cant tell me nothin. matter for whatever reasons you're hatin...dude is dead now..dont you get it? you hate him, now he's dead..what else do you want? you gonna go piss on his grave and do in his family? or just...
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    Services for Fat Tone and Burial

    once in a lifetime..everyonbody does some dirt..i cant belive that there's some people (mafianqueen girl) speaking ill of the dead...regardless of personal connection..thats not right... most of us here live that gangsta shit..and like the "real" street rappers..and the reality of it is that...
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    Mac minister killed fat tone?

    who the hell is mac it the last guy rappin on yuks blast 1st song? i have no idea who he is..can someone shed some light thanks
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    question bout 4'tay...

    anyone know if he has any new cd's that are supposed to be released..and are there any new material.. i live in vancouve bc, and its impossible to find good music.. im feenin for some 4tay..thanks..1
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    sup with 4-tay?

    anyone know of a release date for any of his upcomin lppss? holla
  15. H

    $100 if you guess who this is..hahah
  16. H

    fake ass game.

    i heard the lil cyco interview..and remembered seeing that show change of heart last year.. game was on with his bithc,, and he had no tatties, bleached hair and a tounge ring.. plus the bitch left him on the show.. why people lookin at his fruity ass like he's the hardest new thing from the west..