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  1. Reddy Ornot


    AUGUST 23RD!
  2. Reddy Ornot

    Who produced Tech N9ne's "Kansas City King"

    Anybody have any clue?
  3. Reddy Ornot


  4. Reddy Ornot


  5. Reddy Ornot

    ATTN: ARTISTS....super low prices on production right now!!!

    hell of a deal, I'll be blowin your cell phone up shortly for some
  6. Reddy Ornot

    Kansas City SWAT TV Show on A&E

    I seen that on last night.
  7. Reddy Ornot

    Anybody heard of XV out of Wichita Kansas : Some HOT shit on his MySpace page

    Ive got a couple of beats off of dude.. thats all I know though
  8. Reddy Ornot

    Midwest Myspace Pages...
  9. Reddy Ornot

    50 Mc's - Kansas City Compilation ('97)

    props on uppin this.
  10. Reddy Ornot

    Hobo Tone

    wow. I didnt cop Hobolavirus but the couple songs I heard from it went hard to the fullest
  11. Reddy Ornot

    J.Cin and 3rd Degree... Thorobread Mixtape..

    when you gonna let me hear something from this?
  12. Reddy Ornot

    The Stakes Are High Vol.1 Tracklist

  13. Reddy Ornot

    The Stakes Are High Vol.1 Tracklist

    COMING EARLY SEPTEMBER.. Tracklist Subject To Change 1. Intro 2. Peezy feat. Shawn Whyte - Holdin Down The Game (Game: Put You On Game Inst.) 3. Verbatim - Super Verbz (Jin: Learn Chinese Inst.) 4. Shawn Whyte - Times Up (Produced by Jerzee Bangers) 5. D - Getcha Mind Right (Produced by...
  14. Reddy Ornot

    pittsburgh philthy kansas citys finest mixtape vol 3 tracklist and rough draft cover.

    If you puttin it out Law shits gotta go hard. Also if there's any spots left open get at me cause Im feelin like Super Mario right now bitches!
  15. Reddy Ornot

    3rd Degree - It's All Bad: TRACKLIST

    When you gonna stop hatin and put me on something?? lol.. btw Im gonna be blowin up ya cell real soon Matt, so stop playing like you didnt get the 20 voicemails I left and get them beats ready... :devious: Be Safe.EZ!
  16. Reddy Ornot

    Midwest Album Covers 2

    Shawn Whyte Presents.. "The Stakes Are High Vol.1" The debut mixtape from Shawn Whyte featuring exlcusives some of the undergrounds best. Available for FREE download late august to early september! Cover created by FIRE DESIGNS
  17. Reddy Ornot

    3rd Degree - It's All Bad: TRACKLIST

    yessir, me and 3rd was talkin and he said this shit is flames.. cant wait to hear the finished version.
  18. Reddy Ornot

    fat tone-my hood betrayed me

    Tone puts it down, he had errybody in Columbia sayin "IMMA VETT" .. but I havent heard this mixtape yet ..
  19. Reddy Ornot

    Tha Mouthpiece album - SNIPPETS

    LMFAO! I just thought they forgot to wax there lip, but its official they are transsexuals .. Im'a check these snips in the AM, well whenever I wake up, Uppin for Cutty ..