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    Smigg Dirtee song

    Ok found it bro it was Codeine x Pasta Thanks folks!
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    I saw a recent Sicx interview and he said he's getting out possibly this year. I'm not sure about that but he has done almost all them 29 years. He said he misses doing music and still wants to continue. I just wonder if he will completely change his style now that he's a born again christian or...
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    Smigg Dirtee song

    Siccmadesyko, That's not the one but I appreciate the reply. It was a solo track.
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    Smigg Dirtee song

    Looking for a Smigg song but only remember it had a sample saying 'Angels with dirty faces' anyone know the song I'm talking about?
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    This and Indo 500 bang
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    I'm probably a little late with this but what happened to Loki? Haven't heard anything from him in a long time and why did he leave Siccmade? Yes I know he was working with X-raided for awhile.
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    High Powered Entertainment

    I was feeling the Thug Lordz trilogy, Killa Tay Flood the Market, Spice-1 The Truth, and the Outlaws. Haven't heard anything from em since then.
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    What's Up Siccness Vets!

    What up
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    Dubb Sak - Knee Deep ???

    If I remember correctly, the title got changed and it became "Bad 2 the Bone"
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    Sounds good hope it's for real
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    Oh yeah and "Keep it Crackin" from the Red Head Steve album
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    Flowmaster mouth & the song he did over the Twista beat
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    "You ugly like a calico"

    Am I trippin or did someone say this on a song? My bad to post it here but I think they from Sac. anyway line had me rollin :siccness:
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    College Basketball

    Who is your favorite College Basketball team?
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    ICP,Twisted etc.

    I'm sorry but I can't stand these dudes, juggalos, and all they people. I wouldn't even pick on them if they actually made good music but man they are just bad. I have 2 friends who listen to them, wear their jerseys, chains and all that and it bugs the shit out of me. What's even more crazy is...
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    What happened to Loki? I haven't heard anything from him since the Merger with X-Raided. Also why did he stop working with Lynch? :siccness: