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  1. mr.noprint916

    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    lol damn. that Would be dope though
  2. mr.noprint916

    UFC 149 stream??

    can anybody help me out?
  3. mr.noprint916

    literal ms paint music video - Look At Me Now

    pretty funny if u can stand the song
  4. mr.noprint916

    damn holidazee...

    have a safe weekend if yall can help it. im bout to crac this case, snatch a bottle after i eat these tacos, then search for sum strange pussu
  5. mr.noprint916


    bout to peep
  6. mr.noprint916

    new shit?

    Whats some new albums comin outta Sac? or any noticable shit comin for the West really?
  7. mr.noprint916


    rip pimp c
  8. mr.noprint916

    Whats the first song/rap you ever memorized?

    i dont remember, probably gangsters paradise tho lol
  9. mr.noprint916

    i need a doctor

  10. mr.noprint916

    camera man 1, cops 0
  11. mr.noprint916

    40 glocc "shots fired" WSHH
  12. mr.noprint916

    funny kid
  13. mr.noprint916

    white dude wit sum gas
  14. mr.noprint916

    x mas is comin

    so the mail lady just came to the door and handed me a box for the people that used to live in this house, i open it and it was one of those snuggie blanket jaccet things. guess my girl is gettin one for x mas lol. anyways what are yall gettin your loved ones? oh yea, cool story breh
  15. mr.noprint916

    mayhamm in the ring

    wish i could just embed the vid but you know how it goes..... around 2:30 and shit goes more ham than pork. happy turkey day sicc loc's
  16. mr.noprint916

    one more.. stupid stupid stupid....funnny shit
  17. mr.noprint916

    hey lets throw some roccs
  18. mr.noprint916

    yo bitch was choosin! my bad I dont know how to embed
  19. mr.noprint916

    just sum shit

    yall give me some honest feedbacc good or bad its whatever. Remember me? Dro Clicc G'z