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  1. killahoe666

    Some of us have been on these boards damn near 20year +

    Mustynutz was on some legendary shit man, I used to love reading your posts. For all you been thru I'm glad you're still around to tell it bro.
  2. killahoe666

    Some of us have been on these boards damn near 20year +

    This post keeps getting better and better man, keep it up and bring back all the OG's to keep sharing their stories I remember back in the tape cd area where people would host auctions.....a few times fuckers didn't come thru but man it was some straight sicc ebay I remember all the Berner...
  3. killahoe666

    Some of us have been on these boards damn near 20year +

    Maaann!!! Seeing all these names takes it back when the sicc was active!! I don't even know how many times I would get in trouble at work for being in here. I learned a lot about everything on this board, was active in here, BART, Raptalk & a southern one I don't remember the name off the top...
  4. killahoe666

    Sacramento Tapes

    Anyone have any Sac or Stockton tapes?
  5. killahoe666


    That Michael Jordan dude is the biggest fake, dude is broke and always wants rare items and can't afford to pay for anything
  6. killahoe666

    Looking for tapes

    Any1 got any tapes for sale?
  7. killahoe666


    Anyone got any tapes for sale?
  8. killahoe666

    Want few NO LIMIT CD

    I have the OG press of WCBB
  9. killahoe666

    Tapes and cds for sale... some great stuff in here!

    Sent you a message on some tapes
  10. killahoe666

    Promo Tapes

    Anyone have any promo tapes for sale?
  11. killahoe666

    Killahoe666-Be careful if your dealing with this guy

    Lol this guy is a fucking character. Why don’t you post under your real name so people could see who you are. I’ve dealt with tons of people on here and outside of here, I have nothing to hide and always legit. If I’ve had problems with something that wasn’t to my knowledge or foreigners...
  12. killahoe666

    Big Dank-The Hood Raised Me

    Anyone got this on cassette or the other pup dog records releases on tape for sale?
  13. killahoe666

    Looking for some Cassettes:

    If anyone has these and willing to sell/trade let me know
  14. killahoe666


    Damn where's all the sellers and buyers at? this place is used to be good ... Who's got tapes for sale?
  15. killahoe666

    Triple Double-Pain B4 Pleasure (Looking For)

    Anyone have this tape? Willing to pay good money for it Colorado
  16. killahoe666

    Rap Tapes Wanted:

    Any1 have some cassettes they want to sell?
  17. killahoe666

    Guerilla Maab-Rise OG Press

    I am looking for this cd, also Z Ro-Look What You Did To Me OG presses. If you have any of these and willing to let them go please let me know.
  18. killahoe666

    Gem TYPE Auction!!!!

    filthy-fith-ohh-five | eBay
  19. killahoe666

    CD's For Sale: (pictures inside)

    Please make offers::::