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  1. DJ_JG

    What Philthy Rich song is this? What Philthy Rich song is this? Don't usually hear him use samples like that.
  2. DJ_JG

    What's the 2nd song in the HD & Fe The Don video "Durty Hands"?

    What's the second song in the Durty Hands video? And what's the sample from originally? I think Joe Blow used it too on the Blow album. Fe The Don (Ft HD of Bearfaced) - "Durty Hands" [DIRECTED BY MAVRIK] - YouTube mTaNc8rh9DU The second song comes on at around 2:30
  3. DJ_JG

    Dark side song by double rock rappers?

    Whats that song called Dark Side by some rappers from Double Rock? Its not that Dark Side compilation, but my boy did tell me its off some compilation. He said none of the rappers are still alive. Theyre from the 90s era of RBL, Cold World Hustlaz, UDI, 11/5, Totally Insane, etc
  4. DJ_JG

    Anyone know this song/instrumental from Mac Dre Ghetto Celebrities? at 5:22 Does anyone know what song or instrumental that is? I'm sure I'm late, but if anyone hasn't watched it, it had a pretty good interview of Mac Dre in the beginning (Pt1-5)
  5. DJ_JG


    That was dope they both went hard
  6. DJ_JG

    What HD song is this? "no more goin on dry missions wit dry niggas"

    He said something like that.. I'm pretty sure it was HD or someone in bearfaced.. Anyone remember this song? I've been tryna find it. I don't remember what the beat sound like. I don't think it has a video cuz I checked most of the songs with a video.
  7. DJ_JG

    Animal Planet Special Edition Young Higheenas??

    Anyone know anything about this mixtape? Doesn't look official but I can't find most of these songs anywhere else. I know they got Addiction, Time Flies, Is That You, some Devilz Rejects stuff, but most of it I can't find anywhere else. But it's the short versions of the songs so I wonder if the...
  8. DJ_JG

    PSD is back???

    Just seen this on twitter!/DJRAH2K/status/140522577570435072 I just found out about that Bullets & Bouquets. Hopefully we get some more new PSD music
  9. DJ_JG

    What store is better Amoeba or Rasputin?

    What yall think? I've been buying my music online for a while now, but I'm finally about to buy some CDs or records again. Which place has a better selection for bay area rap? Amoeba or Rasputin? From what I remember, Rasputin always had a better selection of it, and also seemed to value it...
  10. DJ_JG

    Seff Tha Gaffla - Lethal Weapon at Amoeba

    I didn't even know this was out of print, but I sold my Seff Tha Gaffla Lethal Weapon CD to Amoeba and it's there for $9.99. It's at the one in SF.
  11. DJ_JG

    Jacka Videos: Street Life & Wit The Shit

    I guess I missed these videos but they clean BXN3qZEp0Jg TEBq9p-Q3rE
  12. DJ_JG

    New untitled Jacka song Smooth song, real honest.. I like it
  13. DJ_JG

    "Go to sleep in the morning you could say I'm not the morning type"

    Anyone know what song this line is from? It's bugging me. I feel like it's from the 12 Gauge Shotie album with Jacka, or some Livewire shit. I can't remember what artist or song though.
  14. DJ_JG


    Haven't heard Based on a True Story but Gasman Unleashed is my shit.. only skip a few tracks on there
  15. DJ_JG

    2 Hour 420 Mix!! lots of bay slaps

    Check out this 420 mix I made for this year, it's split into 3 parts, total 2 hours long. Happy 420!! 420 Mix Pt.1 - Fire Up Click here to listen/download 01. Collie Buddz - Come Around 02. J DaVinci - Ghetto To Mars 03. The Jacka - Barney (More Crime) 04. Collie Buddz - Eyez 05. UGK ft Sleepy...
  16. DJ_JG

    Tired of local radio stations? Tune in to DzNuttsRadio

    Seriously, a lot of you are on here complaining about local radio.. Well try tuning into once in a while. They play all bay/west coast shit uncensored with no commercials. I think they might even have a iPhone app for the whip too (Gotta double check on that). I'm on...
  17. DJ_JG

    Anyone know any small clubs/bars to rent out in the city?

    I'm trying to throw a party at a small club or bar in the city. It needs to be cheap to rent, I'm talking under a few bills. It's gonna be a small event, we're just inviting all our friends and telling em to bring all their friends. Anyone know any venues in Frisco that would fit my needs? Thanks
  18. DJ_JG

    DzNuttsRadio Mix from this past Sunday (Free Download!) 1. Laroo & Jacka ft Fed-X - Everybody Say 2. Jacka ft Fed-X - Paper Non-Stop 3. Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day 4. Young Money Mike (Swagga Boys) - Empty Dreams 5. J-Stalin & Livewire - Need You To Hate 6. Jacka ft Cellski - Won't Be Right...
  19. DJ_JG

    Best Livewire albums?

    Whats your favorite ones? And the Empire and Livewire Radio only have a few tracks that were later released on solo releases, right?
  20. DJ_JG

    Anyone know where I can watch Bay Day?

    I was gone the day it aired so I missed it, anywhere know where I can watch it? Is it on the MTV website?