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    Music News

    Oro's a faggot.
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    favorite music videos

    Re: I like all types of music, but my favorite is classical music. Lyrics are the actual words expressed. I think it shows in me that I have a lot of different moods and depending on my mood is going to rely on what type of music/lyrics I want to hear. _______________ p.s. Check out my stock music
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    Re: RIP to him. Always wondered why Nirvana were the most popular grunge band when AiC were so much better. Dirt is the best grunge album of all time. _____________ p.s. Check out my stock music
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    Re: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - Kollaps Tradixionales The Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt Those are the two records that i have really likes thus far, lot of stuff i am waiting for. ________________ p.s. Check out my stock music
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    Post your 5 favorite songs from the 90s

    R&B artists or songs that I can use that will be new some hip-hop and rap. some of his favorite artists............
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    Classical Music Appreciation Thread

    While he was doing gospel, he recorded r&b under an alias to protect himself from those who considered r&b be secular (religious folks). It didn't work because many people knew it was him singing on the track.
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    favorite music videos

    What are some iPod-worthy music videos out there? I like rock, alternative, and indie. ... Cyndi Lauper - girls just want to have fun.............
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    Post your favorite LIVE videos

    What do you think? Post some of your favorite live videos for me! Here's some of mine: Rocket... I Am The Resurrection - Stone Roses.
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    Post your favorite LIVE videos

    Hi everybody! Slash once said that you can't tell if a band is good until you here them live. What do you think? Post some of your favorite live videos for me! Here's some of mine:
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    HD Metal Music Videos

    Im getting tired of viewing them on Youtube and I dont want them from limewire because they are usually low quality. I want something in HD and possibly to put in full screen...........Something gud..........
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    My favorite song today

    I know my favorite songs seem different from one day to the next, so what's your today?
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    A nice song by Enrique Iglesias!!!

    Title: Enrique Iglesias - Addicted lyrics Artist: Enrique Iglesias Have I told you how good it feels to be me, when I'm in you? I can only stay clean when you are around. Don't let me fall. If I close my eyes forever, would it ease the pain? Could I breathe again? [Chorus:] Maybe I'm addicted...
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    Christmas Music

    I sing with a mixed choir, and I am on the music selection comittee. I am looking for suggestions of Christmas music that can be performed chorally. We sing a variety of music. SATB is good but if it is a good arrangement willing to try other voicings. Choir is about 35 voices...
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    favorite music videos ____________ Free Sound Effects
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    top 5 bands/artists this very second

    ROLLING STONES--- just really old fashioned and still stuff you can drum along with on your table. Good quality, good lyrics, just awesome. LADY GAGA--- you can say she is weird and you can say she is an ugly hermaphrodite but i think she is gorgeous, and she is not a hermaphrodite. And her...
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    Christmas Music

    If you are looking for something funny/silly I am pretty sure that there is an satb version of "the 12 days AFTER Christmas"... really funny piece based on the 12 days of Christmas, but dealing with a couple's break-up and all the things they do to the gifts that were given... always gets...
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    My favorite song today

    “What I Did for Love" is the song from the musical movie "A Chorus Line” is my favourite song today.:cool: