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    Dam is JT Da Bigga Figga on that stuff?

    everyday story too. 😢...
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    Dam is JT Da Bigga Figga on that stuff?

    Y'all see the crazy IG rants....funking wit even jdiggs....accused of robbing everyone for least coke hopefully not crack Chris or H.
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    Calif Legal Sports betting questions...

    Creeping on familiar with the offshore I'm looking for in states ...where I get paid instantly (like fantasy)right after game and not attached to my bank account when I withdraw.
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    Calif Legal Sports betting questions...

    Sure all yall heard about how supreme court passed the law about how we gonna be able to gamble in USA legally at are local casinos and perhaps other ways in are cities and etc. I also heard draftkings said they are gonna have there website taking are bets the same way they do for the fantasy...
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    Husalah information

    Yo I heard Husalah had a video that went viral. It was him dancing crazy with kids i heard. I look on youtube to find it but couldnt. Could one of u send me a link to where its at. Thanks in advance
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    Siccness ESPN Fantasy Football $ League Anyone?

    Who with it? Im already in like 5 Bigger Money Leagues but lets make a little small one here. ESPN...Snake PPR....$15-$30 to play. League Safe hold money. Entire Pot to 1st 2nd and most points throughout season. I can make League Unless a Super OG here who more respected wanna do it.:classic...
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    So where yall at for the BET Awards Weekend?

    Im gonna be out there. Where can I get my Prop 215 license for easy and cheap? & who got the jooges (hook up on events)
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    So who got some SEO skills!!

    Wondering who on here got some SEO skills? Does it for a living. Or could perhaps point me in the right direction. (Have sites Im trying to drive traffic too)
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    Is Troy Ave with da shit or a complete idiot?

    I was giving him a pass when at 1st details was he got shot in leg first and then start dumping, but now details came out he bombed on podcaster Taxstone and that either he pulled out gun or tax friend and he ended up with it. Whatever did happened we seen him on video looking for someone and...
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    Vegas 2015 what clubs cracking, dispensarys food etc

    Yeah it's another Vegas post but my first. I searched the old threads with this same question but there a little too old and I'm sure shit has changed. Headed out there to chill for 7 days and was wondering what clubs crack on what days....I hate edm and dance music looking for spots that play...
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    All my XBMC ninjas, Where yall watching Mayweather fight?

    I usually go to hackermills for pay per view fights but his shit down so I'm at sportsdevil. Who's streams usually the best and don't cut off? Thanks and timebomb I need your Gmail ha, u laced me to this shit.
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    Looking for 2014 fantasy football $ leagues (let yet ur boy in)

    Who has a espn fantasy league standard snake I can join and play and pay through PayPal league safe etc. Some $10-$25 10 to 16 people shit. Thanks in advance.
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    DB Tha General Thread

    I agree with u tazz on mfz getting on just because they street cred nowadays with no skills....hell look at all that Chicago drill bullshit...they can't rap for shit but every week one of them knocking somebody down or getting knock down. However using the game for a example was
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    For anyone that cares Demonoid is officially open for registration

    @timebomb I'm game goofy about torrents On my pc and etc however I have a apple tv 2 with xbmc I use 1 channel and mashups etc for all my movies and tv shows but I would love it if u lace yo boy on how to use torrents on the atv2 xbmc or refer me to some links with info. Thanks in advance.
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    PSD tha Drivah - Problems & Potnas

    ha ha @SiccMade it was one bitch out of the 3.
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    Kafani rumor

    Shit done got real....hope it aint over this rap shit.
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    Ain't it sad when one of your favorite Rappers need to hang it up.

    I can't even mention his name....but he making too many albums, doing to many features and you really talking about nothing new...sad, never ever thought he would be pushing it. Probably just not feeling it
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    "And LOL@the idiots sayin "old rappers need to step away and let the young cats shine" type post... You don't see that shit in any other genre but rap.. You idiots are why mainstream rap suck today.." ^^^^^^^ real shit bruce leroy.
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    Podcast. whats some cool podcast I can download and listen to on MP3

    I listen to topsoil, espn's & ya'll no any other good podcast where u can dl the shows?
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    Awax street album sound like......

    I got my whole hood (who dont fuck with the internet ha) on awax mixtapes. they fell in love with them all especially the ratposion shit. Most of them was anticipating the street album and purchase it and were all kinda dissapointed. I have to agree with what most of them said, it sound to pop...