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    retiring my account. brb..

    been a member since 98 or 99 i forget. this was my second account. will be back under a new name from where it all started the 9-1-siccness. much luv to everybody that showed me luv artists and posters alike. i know yall real wit it cause i never used this name to talk down on anybody and...
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    lmao! chris rock and don king.

    kV-VX-zryRM how the hell did i run into this! shit's funny. don king is the pimp of boxing if there ever was one.
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    brotha lynch and x-raided "shakin and breakin" what album is this off of?`+Brotha+Lynch+Hung+-+Shakin`+N+Breakin`+Realease sound quality isn't all that but it's a pretty tight track. i think it may have come off a comp so i'm not familiar with the song. not sure who...
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    W.C. youtube upload "100% Legit" wit eazy e sample.

    mtSLh_VKZMo even a lil taste of rest in piss piano keys. if you haven't peeped the album it's solid. i skipped about 4 songs out of 12 shit goes hard.
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    any live links to the cotto / mayorga fight tonight?

    don't know if anybody would be interested since sergio is fighting for free on hbo i guess. mayorga is about the only shit talker i like listening to cause it's funny. plus he always has a punchers chance.
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    new brotha lynch hung video.."good night."

    DersACMV0KI edited by the mann himself the blh.
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    new brotha lynch hung video.."good night"

    DersACMV0KI edited by the mann himself the blh.
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    brotha lynch hung and madesicc blog interview wit strange tune in thurs. from 3 to 4. pacific standard time. will be taking calls from lynch's studio. so tune in..
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    phonk beta interview blog wit strange. tap that link.
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    anybody having trouble logging onto youtube?

    that shit flaked on me while i was gone shit won't do nothing no matter what i do? wtf??? i linked to a new account by g-mail like it said to do shit don't work.
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    4 days on the road 2 days in sac.

    first stop san miguel mission for a prayer. monterey bay, quick stop frisco, then to the 916. 21st street. i'm not gonna upload a bunch of pics of the aquarium just a couple sights on the road...... from san miguel passed through soledad and colinga (x's last prison if i remember right?) san...
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    check yall out later i'm off to the gardens.

    gonna be on the blocc to see some relies. maybe back with pics and stuff.:siccness:
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    g-macc radio interview blog wit strange. bout 30 min. ago tap that link.
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    gangsta reese tracks from decade deep 1 feat. x-raided.

    U4wma1McFKg ^my fav out the two.^ nothin' matters feat. young 211 dDNmcAlKuho me myself and i feat. x-raided in perfect quality. ^feel'n the lyrics on that one though^
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    siccness demographics.

    edit. things may have changed. i remember when i was one of the few asians on the sicc.
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    Room Tours, Man Caves and Cribs edition 2011.

    zwFOlrBspsI share your pics and vids. the only thing changing in my room are the calenders and music. so you might be used to this. i did get a new t.v. though and a hdtv reciever. hope you like it. share..
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    Start Some Phonk.

    5YrbihtEmwg gassin 2 gastation mixtape 2 feat. g-macc.
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    how many classes have you failed?

    i mean really failed not like - not going to class in college by your own accord. mainly speaking k through 12? i'm wondering cause i had another one of those dreams where your too far behind to graduate. i hate those dreams. but to answer the question i've honestly only failed one class flat...
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    Fuck that other thread "this is how we roll." bowtie brigade

    bowtie brigade.
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    inspired by the kids vacation thread. what are your earliest memories?

    while we are on the subjects of reminiscing on old pics and remembering kids vacations. i was wondering what are your earliest memories or how far back can you remember? i went through a couple on x-loc's post but one funny one is when my dad had a job on an island off the coast. he would have...