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    Best DAW for beginners?

    What do you think of Studio One?
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    Best DAW for beginners?

    On Reason***
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    Best DAW for beginners?

    Can you tell me why Studio One? And your opinions or Reason?
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    Best DAW for beginners?

    Mainly for learning to make beats maybe some day dabble in recording.
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    Ipad2.. Rebirth, FL Studio.. Or..????

    Whats best???
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    Anyone ever try this? It's oppisate of an energy drink. Anti -Energy. Non-Alcoholic. It's a trip it works. Cant sleep I'll drink one. Pass out. Anyone else try it ever?
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    low budget mpc?

    what else is out there that is capable or close to as capable as the mpc's???? sampler drum machine sequencer???
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    The Hardest or most gangster song ever

    what do you think is???? one off the top is hit em up by 2pac and deadly game by c-bo
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    Bearshare to Ipod

    I thought I was comin up on music on bear shre downloading complete albums of a cd's i cant buy any more.... copy portected couldnt load to the itunes and copy protected couldnt burn them......... is there anyway around this????
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    Cuzz 10 years ago if you snitched you got dealt with. Now days these new breads let that shit ride, so mother fuckers be getting away with it. 90% of all the true OG's are dead, locked up, or out the game. Back in their days, a snitch got dealt with. Now days a snitch puts out cd's and makes...
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    CD's im looking for

    Some im not sure about the names.... The first and only i think non-fiktion Crices*SP??? group from sac had song feat. too short the govenor song called floss mode on that cd i think??? dooms day prodictions XV bloods crips first cd banin on wax the click down and dirty OG version more to...
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    downloaded ringtone from please help

    i downloaded a song but it wont work.... says no song picture nothing at all to save. i have verizon razor any ideas how 2 make this shit work????? i also have a sidekick 3 will it work there? but wont try it on there untill i get this resolved. any help is much appreciated..... technology is...
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    ipod mp4 porn

    Any1 know where I can download short porn clips already formatted for the ipod??? Help me feed my addiction!!
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    i finally got my ass a ipod. got the 30gb that playes video. only thing all the videos on my computer wont play on the ipod..... how can i put these in a format that will play on the ipod.... i dont wanna pay 1.99 for a fuccin video and they aint got no porn on there neither holla yall help...
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    who sings "im your puppet"

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    The PalePimp

    where the fucc r u
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    2500$ budget what do u suggest

    i got about 2500 i wanna spend to get more into production what yall suggest mpc or keyboard?
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    turntables and guitars

    im lookin for a set of turntables with a mixer also im lookin for a guitar .... something cheep and easy to learn on ... any suggestions?
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    Chewwwwww LUK-E

    where the funk art thow ..... holla wanna send yall a package
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    building a speaker boxx

    whats the best kind of wood to build a speaker boxx