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    A-Wax concert in Tulare CA?

    anybody go, how long did he stay on stage for? haven't heard anything bout it.
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    Need Help Wit A Couple Songs

    first one is totally insane i think it was offa compilation it opens up wit "ad kapone, mac 10, totally insane, east palo alto, you aint never heard this, these my niggas man, you better feel me! second is by street thugs, i thinks it offa compilation too, it isnt on their album, has quotes from...
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    Modding An Xbox?

    thinking about doing it. what are the advantages and disadvantages of doin it?
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    Beenie E-40 has on?

    ive been lookin for a beenie like 40's on revenue retrievin night shift cover, anybody know where i can find one in or around san jose?
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    i heard that a new law just passed putting you in jail for 45 days and installing a breathalizer in your car for your 1ST offense. any truth to this?
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    Washing jeans?

    anyone got any tips on washing their jeans? and i do take em to the dry cleaners but i wanna machine wash them.
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    Fake Jordans

    anybody know a good website that you can trust with some good fake jordans, im lookin for the xi's in red and black, and black and white, and i aint tryna pay 200 and something for them.
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    Need Some Fat Help...

    i work till 11 o'clock at night, i take my last break around 9 and its only 15 min so i dont have time to eat much. when i get home i stay up till about 2-230, at around 1 i get hella hungry and i dont want to go to sleep on an empty stomach and i dont want to sleep with a full stomach. does...
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    501 Levi's

    i bought a pair of 501's you know the cholo, shrink to fit, button fly ones, anyways i washed them and dried them and they came out the dryer wrinkled as fuck. i dont want to iron them, does anyone have any sugestions on how to wash them so they dont wrinkle up so much?
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    Metal Mouth T-Shirts?

    any info on them, are they tall tee's, thick? im thinkin about orderin some but im hesitant.
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    Young Joc In San Jose

    anyone got any info? dress code, how much? thanks in advance for the feedback
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    that shit is dope, it knocks hard in the car, dope cd. that new mess n quinn is only 10 songs, the other 2 is just talkin, but the album is alright tho, more of a home stereo typa thang