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    Gilroy Garlic festival shot up

    Another crazy white boy shot up the festival and took out 3 people until cops took him out. Brazy how one of these mass shootings was close to home. Know a few people who were there and bounced out right before shots rang out. Lil 6yo one of the victims.
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    J Diggs-Its Funky

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    RIP Big Cholo Didnt listen to his music to much but still RIP.
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    Casper Locs- One Twenty Two

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    NHL 2019 Playoffs

    Sharks took it to Vegas tonight. Was at the game sitting glass seats. Ain't nothing like playoff hockey. The Captain Joe Pavelski made the 1st goal by the puck bouncing off his mouth and going into the net. I'm telling you hockey players are a different kind of breed. Sharks up 1-0. Let's get...
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    June, Casper Loc, Sneaks- Devil Knocking At The Door

    Anyone know if this the same Casper loc that has that track cant stop wont stop from years ago?
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    Lil Raider feat. A-Wax, Shadow- Still

    Dope song and video
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    A-Wax feat E-40 Wake Up

    Listen to Wake Up ft. E-40 by Waxfase #np on #SoundCloud
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    Louie Loco ft. A-Wax -Never

    tvj36nCqrnk Both came dope. Just started listening to Louie Loco.
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    Gangsta Reece????

    Anyone know what happened with Gangsta Reece outta San Jo? Is he still working on music? I remember he used to post here awhile back.
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    Stanley Cup Finals San Jo Sharks vs Pitt Penguins

    Game 1 tonight. Let's do this Sharks!!!! Sharks in 6!!!!!!
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    WCF Sharks vs blues

    Game 1 tonight. Hopefully we keep the momentum going from game 7. SHARKS!!!!!!!
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    Round 2 Sharks vs Preds

    Was at the game tonight. Even game through out until those couple empty netters. 1 game down three to go yeee sharks!!