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  1. CognacKilla

    The evolution of DRILL MUSIC *VIDEO*

  2. CognacKilla

    Messy Marv- They Speakin' on My Name Pt. 2 (Video)

  3. CognacKilla

    Wax Only

    Anybody watch these videos on YouTube? I think they're DOPE! Basically, this dude named Vinrican breaks down the samples on albums; first, he'll play the original artist(s) song, then he plays the song which samples it. I'm really into music, so something like this is right up my alley...
  4. CognacKilla

    CML Lavish D "Bustdown Touchdown" *Video*

  5. CognacKilla

    Yung Cat "New Crack City" *Messy Marv Diss*

  6. CognacKilla

    Big Scoob feat. Tech N9ne "On Me''

  7. CognacKilla

    Big Scoob feat. Tech N9ne "On Me''

  8. CognacKilla

    The Sample thread

    The premise of this thread is very simple. Post an original song, but also include the song(s) that sampled it. I think its interesting to see where a lot of the rap songs we listen to came from. 9VVVnGOh61k DC8bHVuLmQs a4VXuBAFGng rogvlB2SP4k Khcwl0duFqE Y_JS051vquo
  9. CognacKilla

    Baller Blockin' vs. Killa Season

    Let me know somethin'...
  10. CognacKilla

    Playa Fly- "Get Me Out" video

  11. CognacKilla

    Big Wy- B Not For Sale (Remix)

  12. CognacKilla

    C-Hecc "HUNNITS"

  13. CognacKilla

    Figg Newton feat. Big Wy- "We Started the Woop"

  14. CognacKilla

    Drink Champs podcast featuring Tech N9ne

    I've never watched this podcast before but after seeing this episode, I might watch previous episodes. Anybody fuck with Drink Champs? n2i1KJPkZxs
  15. CognacKilla

    Happy Birthday to THE JACKA

    He would've been 40 today. Post your favorite tracks, pics, or fondest memories of the J.A. MOB IN PEACE __ds-BQZ1q8 NMBYtUafFDs tAvdpGWyfcE
  16. CognacKilla

    Rich the Factor feat. The Popper "Aristocrat" {Visual}

    From the Whale Mafi 2 CD fpoKWMcrEm8
  17. CognacKilla


    Whatever happened to this dude and that "heater" he was supposed to have posted (some 5 years) or so ago? LuLz
  18. CognacKilla

    Young Fierce

    Whatever happened to Young Fierce from KC? Did he release any other solos after Sinful Living with Righteous Intent?
  19. CognacKilla

    R.I.P. Matt Anao'i (Rosey)

    Former WWE performer Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i, an older brother to Roman Reigns and son of Sika of the Wild Samoans, has died, WWE confirmed. He was 47. A cause of death has not been released, but he had been hospitalized in 2014 with heart disease. Anoa’i*was trained by his uncles and wrestled in...
  20. CognacKilla

    Lambo Lace: "Kansas City Cake Walk"