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    Future Of Horror/siccness Rap??

    I was reading a post in a thread on another site about Brotha lynch's new album 'DAAM'. Now this dude said he liked it but also went on to say that horror rap isn't relevant anymore and nether is Brotha Lynch (obviously right?) ... It hasn't been since like 99-01. I use to be heavily into...
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    Mitchy Slick

    Sup yall...Is there any info on a new Mitchy Slick LP or mixtape coming out soon?? This dude is one of my favorite rappers, lovin the way he be spittin. Thanks
  3. SpAwNtAiNyOuS

    Shower Posse and Da bidness

    Im feeling both of these albums a lot...They both slap
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    Question about Messy...

    Whos he signing too?..... And do you guys like his new laid back delivery more then his older rugged flow or no?
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    Messy Marv

    This dude is nuts on the mic. He makes great music and is in your face like he's having conversation with you. Very much one of my favorite bay artist of all time. How do yall feel and to you whats your favorite track by him?