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  1. Bearfootgang

    All Sicx Songs

    I cant wait to slap some incest child molester rap
  2. Bearfootgang

    Willie Hen on acting in the film The Last Black Man in San Francisco, touring with Mac Dre & more

    I watched the movie and thought it was boring as fuck with not much going on at all. The film quality was great but the movie zZzZzzz
  3. Bearfootgang

    HD Bearfaced – Never Loved Me (Music Video)

    His old shit go harder but this pretty dope compared to most his recent tracks.
  4. Bearfootgang


    That's hella weird lol they fixed it u right he on it now. That beat ain't the bidness tho it sounds hella annoying 🤣 need better beats!
  5. Bearfootgang


    Amp ain't even on that wtf 🤣 song is trash.
  6. Bearfootgang

    Want few NO LIMIT CD

    I got west coast bad boys 1 and 2 if u need em
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    Dubee - So Crest Side Challenge [Video]

    Dubee needa cut the shit and drop an album already. He one of the last ones left
  8. Bearfootgang

    Cash money lavish Donald Oliver

    Spoke with lav and he said there are no hard copies his partner who did the website did that without his knowledge. He said he doesn't think there will be any and he had no idea his partner made the website.
  9. Bearfootgang

    A-Wax x Lil Raider x LazyBoy × Cuddy - With Tha Shit

    Album isn't bad. Super short tho. Beats was dope
  10. Bearfootgang

    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    Elegant project murda tracklist: 1) nigga 2) nigga, nigga 3) bitch ass nigga 4)hoe ass nigga,nigga 5) these niggas 6) for the niggas 7)nigga nigga nigga 8) coke nigga 9) on my niggas 10) told them niggas 11) nigga nigga nigga 12) mozzy nigga
  11. Bearfootgang

    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    I posted the download link in sharing
  12. Bearfootgang

    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    I didn't think he would actually drop this shit he been so cracked out off dat rock.
  13. Bearfootgang

    Looking For These CDs

    I hit you up a week ago no reply yet.