Where money talks and gang wars is fought
And temporary loyalty is bought, dollars is sought, cases Is caught
Businesses is traded in stock, gucci link bracelets is rocked
Masonic plots control the block its hidden in
plain Sight u cant not watch
jump from some thousands to some million like hopscotch

fly freak fanatic
splash matic
Keepa ski jacket
Cream of the planet
Black ski masked bandits
Black seeds trap speed to the
Casket One hundred and

Three million grafted
Cracked atoms
Ayo the hazardous
crack magic be the
Cash catalyst

Trapped in 6 striving to hack the matrix

Was Brandishing sticks
But Remanded quick
Big wigs rebranded ya whole shit
Activate hash grabba spliff
Cannabis Capitalist

The Hazardous flow banana clip
My comrades Black akkadians
Stolen plated whips Rap shit Im like galactus
The Most hated skin Solar energized melanin

solid Gold ring Hurricane slang
Barry Kane bring the dope in
We just Hip hop smugglers
Convicted Ex hustlers
Under loved misunderstood Card shufflers
Jungle way of life drug Juggling
Patches on the sleeve
beneath the concrete something deep activate my genes, we not free,
somebody watching me, private monopolies
We desensitized government property


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