Drop City Yacht Club – Cure For Cold Weather

“This album we’re about to put it is completely FREE. There’s a double meaning somewhere in that. Free as in “we did this just for our fans” and Free as in “we did this just for our fans!”…get it?? This project is entirely produced, funded and distributed by us. It was a journey in creativity. Just getting lost in the vibe and not really tripping off sales or popularity. It’s very honest. By that I mean we didn’t over think or over police it. Just went with feeling. You may not like every song. You may love the whole thing. You may think it’s God’s gift to your trash can…and that’s ok. We’re constantly evolving as a group and this is basically a glimpse into that process. At times it felt perfect. At times it felt like madness. At times it felt familiar. Other times it felt like a first kiss. That is the very reason we continue to make music and art in general. It’s that unknown variable. That unquenchable thirst to get closer to perfection. Even if for a moment. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did creating it”. – Drop City Yacht Club

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