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  1. 4 Blood moons theory
  2. annunaki?
  3. underlying pagan beliefs presented in the bible/xtianity
  4. Will GM pull out of Oshawa in 2016?
  5. Take the political compass test
  7. Unit 7-31 (what the fuck?)
  8. Palestine? Forget it. What's next!
  9. Mixerr Politics story on Australia.
  10. 911 reasons why 9/11 was (probably) an inside job
  11. 666 is not the "Mark of the Beast"
  12. Infinite Growth
  13. A Racist portrayal
  14. 5 Suprising Benefits to the Smog in China
  15. These Urinals Turn Pee Into Fertilizer For Local Food
  16. If you gave this forum a description what would it be?
  17. RapGenius targeted by NMPA.
  18. Socialist winning in Seattle
  19. The 11 Nations Of North America
  20. Siccness Illuminati Rolls Royce
  21. Washington State Vote Yes on I-522
  22. Going Down with the Ship
  23. Anyone else here suffer from depression...etc
  24. Story of Jesus Christ was 'fabricated to pacify the poor', claims Bible Scholar
  25. Constitution free zones
  26. War in Syria to be funded by seized marijuana
  27. Syria and the Middle East
  28. Mixerr Politics (Getting Real With Michael Mixerr)
  29. I was speaking to Locahontas
  30. US Incarceration
  31. Men's Rights Movement/Men Going Their Own Way
  32. Fracking
  33. Will Bush/Obama ever be arrested and charged for war crimes?
  34. Macerena anyone? lol
  35. Proof I really have autism.
  36. Siccness.net cares about your communities. (REVISITED)
  37. TWA Flight 800 cover up
  38. Freedom Lodge # 1 Get At The Gd's about Rick Ross being ILLUMINATI.
  39. National Geographic - The Human Family Tree
  40. 2 Living ETs Working with US Government - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - Paul Helly
  41. Culture In Decline <--
  42. Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever
  43. My Great Movie Idea about mass shootings
  44. The Bill of Rights was written for Dzhokar Tsarnaev
  45. Kansas to ban sustainability
  46. DHMO in your tap water
  47. All america needs to see this! Obama's drone war on women and children!
  48. The People Are A Superpower
  49. America's Largest Street Gang (FULL)
  50. The Real Invasion of Africa is Not News,
  51. 13-banned-foods-still-allowed-in-the-u-s/
  52. The Great Deception
  53. We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant
  54. Demand A Plan? Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves [Extended Cut]
  55. Even The Onion admits...
  56. Must Hear! Speech Banned In America! America Is Not Broke! The Money System Is Phony
  57. Sandy Hook Elementary Psy-Op/.?
  58. Google starts watching what you do off the Internet too
  59. Ex-Narc Fights to Defend Marijuana Legalization
  60. Clouds and stuff
  61. #OWS - Occupy & Zeitgeist Movements - Goals
  62. Nimrod- the lord of christmas
  63. Chaos and cosmos
  64. Tikkune Soferim
  65. Two And A Half Men’ Star’S Spiritual Advisor Says Jay-Z Is Satanic
  66. JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year In Government Subsidy: Study
  67. Thankstaking day
  68. Ron Paul "We Seceded From England! It Was A Wonderful Thing!"
  69. Socialist wins 28% of the vote in Seattle
  71. The Osama Myth
  72. Vote for obama at the polls today
  73. 2 Questions
  74. To all Ron Paul Supporters in California
  75. Murder dog editor scott bejda has just launched underground society magazine!!!
  76. Haarp status dot com
  77. Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations
  78. Third Party Presidential Debate and pre-debate show - Full Version
  79. disostra
  80. Automation will soon touch every job on the planet: prediction
  81. what really happened
  82. 'Сurrent world order based on injustice': Ahmadinejad full 2012 UN speech
  83. The New Jim Crow (Michelle Alexander)
  84. ‘US to Iran: In case of Israeli strike, don’t fire on our bases'
  85. John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathan Turley About Obama Administration’s War
  86. RON PAUL !!!!
  87. Jacque Fresco on Larry King Live Full
  88. (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
  89. WIDE AWAKE 2012
  90. Illuminati - The Music Industry Exposed [Full Length]
  91. School-To-Prison Pipeline (Alyona Joins Ana On TYT)
  92. Willy Bays for Crony Clean: The spray that breaks down bureaucracy!
  93. How is your community implementing Agenda 21
  94. FRONTLINE Doc exposing U of Phoenix
  95. Republican Deficit Hawk Hypocrites - Bernie Sanders
  96. Rachel Maddow Abbreviates History
  97. Where Free-Market Economists Go Wrong
  98. A message from the 1970s on state spending
  99. The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory
  100. The [R]evolution of Immortal Technique (Full Length)
  101. The men who crashed the world
  102. Jordan Maxwell - The Illuminati Exposed
  103. Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes
  104. Vietnam, US begin historic Agent Orange cleanup
  105. Capitalism and Other Kids' Stuff
  106. Culture In Decline (By Peter Joseph)
  108. The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi
  109. German intelligence: al-Qaeda all over Syria among rebels.
  110. The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies
  111. War Is Betrayal - Persistent Myths of Combat
  112. Bradley Manning - American Hero. Cenk on Fire at OccupyLA.
  113. Let It Bleed: Libertarianism and the Workplace
  114. The World's Call to Release Nikola Tesla's Research
  115. Syria: Libya 2
  116. New Atheism's most polarising figure?
  117. Chossudovsky: Us-Sponsored Gangs Committed Houla Massacre
  118. Syria Terrorists Puppets Have Chemical Weapons
  119. The Great Hugo Chavez Might Have Only Months To Live
  120. Having the same dream over and over
  121. Occupy Bilderberg2012
  122. 'Underwear bomber' was working for the CIA
  123. wheres heresy?
  124. to be or not to be, is that the question?
  125. LAPD Fired More Bullets At Unarmed Man Than Entire German Police Fire In Whole Year
  126. 10 US companies control your life
  127. The Oneness - We Are All One!
  128. How Iceland's Peaceful Revolution Overthrew The Government And Beat The Banks
  129. The War on Democracy~ film about US' struggle to contain democracy in Latin America
  130. "Occupy Everywhere": May Day Special Show on OWS, Immigration, Labor Protests.
  131. Documentaries ™
  132. Life altering events
  133. "May 1st Call To Action - Changing The World From The Comfort Of Your Own Home"
  134. Shocking Video Shows Mexican Immigrant Beaten to Death By U.S. Border Patrol Agents
  135. The U.S. Government's Info-graphic of It's Own Insolvency
  136. Elmo Tries To Explain The National Debt (Again)
  137. The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed - Tony Robbins
  138. Latin America rebels against Obama over Cuba + WHORES
  139. 10 Years Since the Venezuelan Coup
  140. Ridiculous 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Exposed In 5 Minutes
  141. Even worse than SOPA: CISPA cybersecurity bill will censor the Web. FREEDOM Coming to
  142. Obama Justice Department indicts ex-CIA agent for exposing torture
  143. Two of Latin America's deadliest gangs join forces
  144. Paul Harvey "If I Were The Devil" (1965)
  145. Werner Erhard
  146. Marinaleda - where a better world exists
  147. China's empty cities
  148. Pearl Harbor
  149. America's Most Important Anti-War Politician Is a Senate Republican
  150. Are We Safe Yet? | A TSA Infographic
  152. The War Against Youth
  153. After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?
  154. POLICE STATE USA: New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens f
  155. Trayvon Martin
  156. Power and Money vs. Freedom
  157. Solving environmental issues with.........Property Rights! *Gasp!*
  158. How Ayn Rand became the new right's version of Marx
  159. The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama
  160. Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony.
  161. In the US, the dominant political discourse consists of ideas of the ruling class
  162. Dangerous ignorance: The hysteria of Kony 2012
  163. Every Man Created Equal?
  164. Libertarian Freedom
  165. US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
  166. Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ Will Make Protest Illegal
  167. Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal
  168. Obama's Phony Populism
  169. Wikileaks: Leaked STRATFOR memo on Mexican anarchist group targeting banks with IEDs
  170. Why humans are not naturally nasty and more likely to be kind than cruel
  171. Indiana lawmaker: Girl Scouts in league with Planned Parenthood
  172. The Collapsing Financial Scheme
  173. The reason why the color pink became thugged out?
  174. The Mobility Myth: Why everyone overestimates American equality of opportunity.
  175. Mitt Romney EXPOSED
  176. We Need to End these Illegal Wars Right Now! - Ron Paul
  177. Russian Scientists Discover Lake untouched by man for over 20 Million years
  178. Visions of Man Evolved
  179. February 4: National Day Of Action. Stop The U.s. War Against Iran
  180. System Bans Press TV
  181. How SOPA will Affect your life and your Internet freedom -
  182. symbolism book
  183. Rememeberance to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  184. The assassinations of 1968-1969
  185. crips and bloods made in america
  187. Any one have input on this?
  188. Hip-Hop Diplomacy? How the State Department Uses Rap to Spread Propaganda Abroad.
  189. Giant Footprint in South Africa
  190. Avtm Exclusive: New Orleans Cop Comes Clean On Murder, Theft, Corruption, Quits The F
  191. Peter Joseph On The Joe Rogan Show January 7, 2012
  192. What is consciousness?
  193. Iran & US moving troops into position
  194. Petition to recall Deep Thought as a moderator in this forum
  195. Evidence of a "sprawling metropolis" that existed in E St. Louis from 1000-1300 A.D.
  196. Palestinians call Israeli bluff - the PA offers "peace talks" without preconditions
  198. Days and there meaning.
  199. RIP ......Author, pundit Christopher Hitchens
  200. HR8791 and AGENDA 21
  201. Violent actions get the goods—even The Muppets know this.
  202. help with a western civilization history paper
  203. America's socialist roots
  204. Republican Candidates...what do you think?
  205. Ron Paul’s phony populism
  206. Syria System Instigated Civil War Attempt Propaganda
  207. Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ & ‘Civil Unrest'
  208. I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street
  209. Keak da sneak~Illuminati?
  210. Police Brutality In Oakland Wall Street Protests
  211. Has America Become an Oligarchy?
  212. Myths not to live by: The Fraudulent Flat Tax Pitch – A Rich and Powerful Tactic
  213. Population of world 'could grow to 15bn by 2100'
  214. Here's What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About...
  215. Immortal Technique @ Occupy Wall Street
  216. Trader on BBC says Eurozone market will crash
  217. Occupy the Planet...
  218. CERN scientists "break speed of light"
  219. The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas
  220. Occupy Wall Street live cam
  221. Lowkey On Jay Z, Obama, & Bush .....
  222. Myers-Briggs personality type?
  223. Rick Ross/CNN PROOF Freemason's/The Illuminati Control The World
  224. "Zeitgeist: Requiem for One" | The Zeitgeist Media Festival 2011 | Movement | Peter J
  225. Alex Jones explains (his) Cointelpro Tactics
  226. who here will vote for Ron Paul, the only honest n level headed man running?
  227. The World's Biggest Employers
  228. A gallon of gas for a dime
  230. Preparing for 'OUTSIDE THREAT' 2011-2012 Serving NWO Mafia Agenda, Are You Ready? [Mi
  231. New 911Truth CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer [Mirror] 911TruthAnniversary Unfolds 9
  232. The New World Order Monetary System
  233. One Nation Under Sex
  234. Heroes Villainized - 9/11 First Responders must be Scanned on Terrorist Watched list
  235. What does this mean to you?
  236. Tax the super-rich or riots will rage in 2012
  237. UK riots and the coming class war
  238. Characteristics of Facism
  239. 8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance
  240. Q: "Is rioting the correct way to express your discontent?"
  241. Fault Lines: The Top 1%
  242. Steve Perlman's Wireless Fix
  243. Interview with Tea Party Co-Founder Mark Meckler
  244. Iran blamed U.S., Israel for killing of scientist
  245. Syria using tanks on it's own citizens.
  246. Gaddafi is stronger than ever in Libya
  247. Forget Anonymous: Evidence Suggests GOP Hacked, Stole 2004 Election
  248. San Francisco Police Kill Black 19 Year Old Who Didn't Pay Bus Fare! 2nd angle!! (Jul
  249. what is NATO doing in libya?
  250. Inflation Tax