Young Buck speaks to XXL about upcoming prison sentence and 50 Cent

Eight years ago, Young Buck watched his dreams come true, as he gained stardom as a member of G-Unit. The entire G-Unit roster was built from artists who had been either shunned from the industry, or buried on the roster of other labels. 50 Cent had overcome being blackballed and Young Buck was a member of Cash Money Records during their run in the 1990s.

However, Young Buck found himself one of the biggest rappers in the game and a popular hitmaker. By the end of 2004, Young Buck was also able to call himself a platinum rapper. However, in 2005, everything would come crashing down for Buck, as his popularity, along with G-Unit’s waned. Young Buck would release his sophomore album, Buck the World, in 2007, but the sales were relatively low.

Before the end of 2008, Young Buck made his issues with 50 Cent public and soon began working with the original G-Unit outcast, Game. Currently, Young Buck finds himself no longer on G-Unit Records and facing a year and a half in prison. Recently, he agreed to sit down with XXL for a two-part interview in which he will discuss everything which led to what has happened. During the first part of his interview, Young Buck discussed the upcoming prison sentence and what he calls “tough love” from 50 Cent.

While he does not regret the spending he did, taking his mother out of the projects, celebrating his success, and providing a better life for his children, Young Buck admitted he could have done things differently. The big spending is what led to the IRS audit and auction, which led to his gun being found, after accepting the felony for the stabbing at the 2004 Vibe Awards. Eight years after the stabbing, the Tennessee rapper admitted he did not know the charge he accepted. Young Buck stated he and 50 Cent had the same business manager, but he parted ways with 50 Cent and stopped working for Young Buck when his feud with 50 Cent started, leaving him hanging.

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Sky Balla To Release New Album While Incarcerated + New Music

Once one of the hardest working artists in the music industry, prior to his career being put on hold due to incarceration, Sky Balla and his team had created a substantial buzz and all signs pointed up.  Known for his flashy and flamboyant yet gritty rhymes about the hustler lifestyle and his vigorous networking tactics, he built solid relationships with some of the real power players both in and outside of the studio.  He proved to truly understand being the definition of a hustler.  But no stranger to backing up his rhymes in the streets, his lifestyle caught up with him in 2008 and he has been in prison since.  This has not deterred him however, as he is hungrier than ever to get back on his musical grind and regain his momentum.  Until then, he’s gearing up to release a new album September 4th.

Musically Sky got his start in the heart of the Bay Area’s mid 90’s Mobb era under the tutelage of JT The Bigga Figga and San Quinn as a member of the group Tha Gamblaz.  This included a Gold plaque for his appearance on Master P’s “West Coast Bad Boyz II” compilation and the San Francisco native is now known for his star studded collaborations with the likes of Fabolous, Game, Juelz Santana & Jim Jones of Dipset, N.O.R.E, Cassidy, E-40, Capone, Slick Pulla of USDA, Hell Rell, 2Eleven of CTE, Bleu Davinci, the late Mac Dre (R.I.P.), Stack Bundles (R.I.P.) and many others.  He’s also worked with some of the industry’s top producers including Scott Storch, Hi-Tek, Shawty Red, Focus, Tone Capone, Amadeus, Ron Browz, Nick Fury, Raw Smoov, Cozmo, Nu Jerzey Devil & more.

As he branched out from his Bay Area roots and networked his way across the country, he was closely affiliated and worked heavily with both Dipset and G Unit, having Sha Money XL and Jim Jones both co-sign him on his “Mobb Report” album released in 2005.  He was so close with the members of Dipset while living in New York; some thought at one time that he was a member of the crew.

One would only need to take a look inside his “Mobb Report” album or look online to see visuals of the kind of networking Sky has done, via pictures of him with the likes of Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., Paris Hilton, DMX, Fabolous, Lil Kim, Eve, Ice-T, NBA All-Star Allen Iverson, actress Eva Mendez, Game, Twista, Swizz Beats, G Unit & lots of others.

When mixtapes exploded on to the industry, Sky Balla was as active as anybody, taking cues from his NY brethren and learning the ropes while living there, he released several tapes of his own, hosting others and networking with top DJs around the world.  He appeared on mixtapes from or released tapes with the likes of G Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid, Tapemasters Inc., Sickamore, Nu Jerzey Devil, Big Mike, September 7th, J. Armz, DJ Woogie, DJ Haze, DJ Rah2K, DJ Delz, DJ Wizkid, Digital Product and many more.

His album released prior to his incarceration, 2008’s “Tycoon Status” sold an impressive 5,000+ units even though as he put it in a letter written from behind bars “I was locked up 3 days before the release of my last album ‘Tycoon Status’.  I was not able to promote it or market it the way I would have liked to.  It still managed to sell 5,000 plus Soundscan CD’s, which is better than some artists who had the whole year to promote”.  This is a testament to the relentless work Sky Balla and his team were putting in and the buzz he had created throughout the industry.  The lead single from the album, “Posted At Da Bar” featuring Cassidy and Willie Henn was even played on the biggest Hip-Hop radio station in the country, New York’s Hot 97; and the 2nd single “Mobbin’ All Day” featuring E-40 and San Quinn received strong play on the Bay Area’s 106 KMEL.  Sky was also featured on the cover of and had an in depth interview in Ozone Magazine for this release as well.

As he eagerly anticipates a late 2012 release from prison, Sky Balla will release a new album of unreleased material.  The new project appropriately titled “Tha Life I Cho$e” will drop via Endless Hustle Entertainment through Empire Distribution and includes feature guest appearances from Fabolous, Game, 2Eleven of Young Jeezy’s CTE, Konvict Muzik artist Ya Boy a.k.a. YB The Rockstar, San Quinn, J-Diggs, Freck Billionaire, Big Rich, Dubee a.k.a. Sugawolf, Belly, Harm, Spyda D and Enoc.  Production is handled by Dr. Dre protégé Focus, J-Money, Cozmo, Young Yonny, Matheo, Priceless and Trackaddict among others.

With tracks like “Balla Of Ballas”, “I Got Money” featuring Ya Boy, “Keep On Talking” featuring 2Eleven and “Yo Ma” sure to be stand outs, “Tha Life I Cho$e” shows no signs of sounding dated or out of touch with the times, even with Sky Balla missing from the music scene for several years.  In fact listening to this album, Sky was talking about what artists are talking about now, back then.  If anything, he is ahead of his time.  The album fits in perfectly with the flashy yet grimy trap music still being released every day.  Hustlers worldwide, money counters and overtime grinders this is a soundtrack for you.  The Deluxe Edition release will be available for purchase September 4th, 2012 on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital stores and includes 24 total tracks.

Scheduled to touch down soon Sky Balla is highly motivated and eagerly anticipating his opportunity to hit the ground running to regain his spot in not only the music industry but in society.  He has been plotting his return constantly, reaching out to producers and artists, still keeping his networking skills sharp and his name buzzing.  And he’s got a countless amount of songs written and ready to go.

Until he is back on the streets Sky has a few words and a gift for his loyal supporters, “I wanna thank everyone who played a role in keeping my music lit and my name ringing”.  In an effort to reach out to his fans and also to keep himself relevant while he is away, Sky Balla is giving away Free Downloads of his 1st three albums, “Mobb Report”, “Tycoon Status” and “Confe$$ion$ Of A Ballaholic”.  The albums can be downloaded by visiting his Twitter page at and his Facebook

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5. I GOT MONEY feat. Ya Boy

6. GANGSTA RAPPER feat. J-Diggs & Dubee a.k.a. Sugawolf


8. THAT’S HIM feat. San Quinn, Big Rich & Harm

9. YO MA

10. I DON’T PLAY feat. Belly

11. I’M NOT A RAPPER (REMIX) feat. Fabolous & Freck Billionaire

12. KEEP ON TALKING feat. 2Eleven


14. 2 STEP

15. H.U.S.T.L.E.R

16. FRESH 2 DEATH feat. Spyda D


18. I GOT DA FEELIN 2 feat. Game



21. I MAKE MONEY feat. Enoc

22. A LONG WAY TO GO (Bonus Track)

23. EITHER OR (Bonus Track)

24. STUCK TO THE GRIND feat. Spyda D (Bonus Track)

New Artist Conflict Releases New Single “Strip Club”

Los Angeles, CA –

Multi-faceted artist Conflict releases the long-awaited Strip Club as a free download under Jazzy Management and We On Music Group, where he has partnered with artist K-Boy.

Former Division Music artist, Conflict, releases his first full length project since departing from the group anchored by Glasses Malone.Since his Back to Basics release in 2010, Conflict has been carefully crafting Strip Club with a new creative freedom unlike any he has experienced before.

Conflict describes Strip Club as a classy, seductive project guaranteed to give intense eargasms and orga… nevermind. The arousing, original work shows that Conflict is far more than just a rapper… He was the rapper, the singer, the writer and the engineer. Featured within the 11 tracks are K-Boy, Adam Roose, B-Ezy, Yung Jinx and newcomer J-Go.

The first single, Private Dancer, was released on Valentine’s Day this year and is in heavy rotation throughout strip clubs in the South, including Magic City.

“It’s a project for the ladies. They can listen to it and feel sexy. It will definitely make the undercover freaks come out of theirshell,” insists Conflict. “It will appeal to strippers… and women who want torole play as strippers.” – Conflict

Listen To The Strip Club